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BOOM! What Ted Cruz Just Threatened ISIS With Will Have Terrorists Running Scared!


During a town hall-style event, presidential hopeful Ted Cruz discussed his plans to take out Islamic State terrorists at home and abroad, and it was epic.

Cruz’s comments show a stark contrast between how a true Commander-in-Chief should act, and how our current leader does.

Transcript via Right Scoop:

ISIS is the face of evil. We need a president who stands up and says we will defeat radical Islamic terrorism.

Right now we have a photo-op foreign policy. Drop a bomb here, a missile there. You know, the radicals say they reject modernity, GREAT! We need to send them back to the stone age.

How do you do that? You have a commander-in-chief that lays out a clear objective: We are not going to weaken, we are not going to degrade, we are not going to pinprick ISIS.

It was Cruz last comment that brought people to their feet…

“We are going to destroy them. We are going to make it so if you join ISIS, you are signing your death certificate!”

The entire clip is well worth the watch, as Cruz shows off his true leadership skills…


Contrast that with President Obama, who drafted a policy of “strategic patience” in dealing with global threats such as Russia and ISIS.

Tell us what you thought about Cruz’s answer to dealing with terrorists below.



  1. Peter says:

    We take ISIS at their word; they will kill anybody to fulfill their mission, to conquer the world for Sharia. We cannot co-exist with them because they cannot co-exist with us. Therefore it is a battle to the death, either now or eventually. I prefer their death. We need a military campaign on the same order as the first Gulf War, and a standing international military to insure no repeat of the militant murdering Muslims.

  2. Paul says:

    How long will it take to bring our military back to total dominance from the gutting and dismantling by the current cowardly POS in the Oval Office?

  3. Adrian says:

    Put a nuke on them when they marshal for the Baghdad attack and put the world on notice that we have the resolve to use our best weapons. They now know we will not.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for brevity.

  4. Penny says:

    Cruz sounds an awful lot like Adolf Hitler. First he is going to call them names. RADICAL ISLAMIC EXTREMISTS, Then he is going to kill them all! Is he going to send them to the gas chamber? Who’s kids are you going to send over there? Are you going to bomb them them? Maybe he can get Lindsey Graham To be his VP. Or he can be Lindsay’s VP. I for one, am tired of another war! We have already killed 10,000 ISIS soldiers. Vote Democratic!

  5. Kenneth says:

    Ted Cruz was correct on every point. As far as terrorists running scared I do not see that happening. All I see is them dying a horrible death, while they think they are martyrs in a just cause. ISIS is like roaches, you have to kill them all so nobody is left to breed. It sounds harsh but it is the only way to defeat them. In the meantime, they keep killing women, children, Christians, and all other innocent people they do not like.

  6. Carrie says:

    It’s about time we have someone in the white house that has this type of view on terrorism. Way to go Ted Cruz.