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Boston Protesters Are Just Who You’d Expect Them to Be

As they have been doing across the country, left-wing protesters have latched onto the #BlackLivesMatter cause (as they did with Occupy Wall Street several years ago), wreaking havoc in the cities host to their shenanigans. Since Christmas, their ploy has been to disrupt the everyday lives of Americans, even going so far as to try to shut down department stores before the holidays, in order to garner attention and support. Predictably, Americans haven’t taken kindly to having their stores and streets overrun by unwashed hippies, and instead of garnering more support, protesters have only seen it dissipate into oblivion.

Last week in Boston, the movement was still trying to call attention to itself with a massive protest that shut down a major roadway, Interstate 93. The closure of the road led to an ambulance carrying a severely injured 83-year old car crash survivor into a long detour, sacrificing his care for the sake of a misguided ideology. His daughter is livid and gave a fiery interview to the Boston Herald about what happened to her father:

“I understand your plight, but it’s moronic to put other people’s lives and public safety in jeopardy,” Nadine McGrath, daughter of Richard McGrath, told the Herald. “I’m just so angry. I’m livid. You’re protesting police brutality and people losing their lives but you’re willing to take other people’s lives to prove a point? That just doesn’t make any sense.”

Nadine McGrath, 39, of Raynham said her father, who has been transferred from Good Samaritan Hospital in Brockton to Boston’s Mass. General Hospital, was severely injured and had to be extricated from his car after he hit a patch of black ice in Easton and spun out into some trees yesterday morning. He was listed in serious condition last night, a hospital spokesman said.

“My sister just sent me a text with a picture of him, which is horrific,” Nadine McGrath said. “She said he has broken ribs, broken neck bones, spinal fractures and multiple contusions.”

Nadine McGrath described her father as “the most caring, giving, generous loving person” who cherished his seven children and 15 grandchildren “more than anything in the world.”

The local CBS station in Boston has tracked down some of these protesters to get their comments on the story and the general sense of outrage in the city after the closure. Predictably, who they found was a bunch of young, unemployed hippies (they even had the dreadlocks to prove it!) still living with their well-off parents.


The best parts of the interviews came as some who inconvenienced thousands, accused the reporters of harassment, the same reporters who were offering to give the protesters a platform to explain why they closed the roadway. Another protester, living in his father’s enormous home in the Boston suburbs, explained that he was afraid for his safety now that his identity was exposed. Let’s hope that if something were to happen to one of these protesters, their ambulances wouldn’t be needlessly delayed and detoured like Richard McGrath’s.

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  1. Bob says:

    Typical . . It’s all about what I care about . . . that person in the ambulance, well, I feel sorry for him but our message is so much more important than “one” human life – Our statement is so much more important than that!

    1. Trent says:

      Then take your own idiot