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Boston Train Carrying Passengers Took Off Without An Operator Without Warning; Terrorist Plot?

Boston Train

A Red Line train in Boston left the station with 50 passengers on board but no operator.

The train barreled through several stops unheeded until MBTA authorities were able to get the train to come to a stop by disabling power to the third rail that powers the train.

According to Fox News:

The operator, a 51-year-old man with more than 25 years of experience with the MBTA, got off the train to execute a procedure to put the train into “bypass mode.” The ongoing probe, Pollack said, was focusing on whether the operator failed to properly secure the braking system before exiting the train.

She also said investigators are looking into reports from riders that a cord appeared to be wrapped around an accelerator in the operator’s cab.

“It would be a prohibited act if in fact there was any type of cord that was wrapped in that manner,” she said.

The employee suffered a minor injury when he was brushed by the train as it moved away from the station, transit officials said.

The incident was an “unacceptable breech of our responsibility to keep our riders safe,” Pollack said at a late afternoon news conference.

Gov. Charlie Baker said earlier in the day that it appeared the runaway train had been tampered with, although he also noted investigators had not determined whether the tampering was due to negligence or something else, and called it an “isolated” incident.

The FBI has also joined the investigation. Authorities say they believe this is an “isolated incident” at this time.

So what do you think it was? Weigh in on this investigation and let us know whether or not this was purposely done or was it an accident. We look forward to reading your answers in the comment section.