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Boy With Prosthetic ‘Iron Man’ Arm Throws Out First Pitch


Last month, Headline Politics shared an incredible viral video that showed Robert Downey Jr. presenting a 7-year-old Georgia boy with a prosthetic arm designed in the likeness of Iron Man. Downey, who plays Iron Man/Tony Stark in the movies bearing his name, as well as the upcoming Avengers movie, presented the prosthesis in a Stark Industries-designed industrial case, dressed as Tony Stark himself.

Fast forward to this week.

Jack Carder, a 5-year-old boy from Ohio was born with only a thumb and no fingers on his right hand. Carder’s mom contacted the e-Nable Organization, a non-profit group of volunteers that provide prosthetic devices for those in need, after seeing a video of a child receiving an arm they had created.

Via ABC 6:

A five-year-old is getting to be the superhero of his imagination, thanks to a group of college students. Jack Carder has a new Iron Man-themed prosthetic hand, complete with a “laser” on his palm.

A group of 13 students from Siena University in Albany, New York created the hand for Carder. They are volunteers for a non-profit group called e-NABLE.

Carder’s mom contacted the group after she saw a video of a boy receiving an arm they created. Carder was born with one thumb and no fingers on his right hand. But that hasn’t stopped him from doing anything, and he likes to think of himself as a real-life superhero.

He loves to play baseball and a list of other sports. His new hand will help improve his motor skills, like picking up crayons and doing other tasks.

Little Carder got to show off his love of baseball and his new Iron Man arm almost immediately – throwing out the first pitch at a Columbus Clippers baseball game earlier in the week.

Watch the heartwarming video of Jack Carder’s effort on the mound below…

And the entire ABC 6 report below…

We hope you enjoyed a little Friday pick me up with this inspirational video!