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No Brainer: Gun Sales Rise Around Ferguson

Since the death of teenager Michael Brown and the riots that ensued, Ferguson residents are feeling uneasy. Shop owners are nervous about more rioting and families concerned about the safety of their relatives are arming themselves more than ever, with guns capable of holding more rounds and faster firing.

CNN reports on the rising rates of gun ownership in and around Ferguson,

“I bring an extra gun now only because it has a bigger magazine,” McMullen says. He began carrying it after tensions increased in the area following the shooting. He says he would never use it to protect his business, but he would use it to save his life.

“So maybe I get trapped here or something and have to have a John Wayne shootout,” McMullen says before interrupting himself, smiling. “That’s the silly part about it: Is that going to happen? Not a chance. But I guess, could it? I’m the only white person here.”

On Monday, Steven King, who owns Metro Shooting Supplies told CNN that customers bought 100 guns this weekend. A typical weekend brings in about 30 buyers.

As with most of the media reporting of the shooting death of Brown, CNN manages to get a very crucial part of the story wrong. They report, “People are afraid they are gonna throw Molotov cocktails,” says King, referring to the mostly nonviolent protests that have taken place in Ferguson since the shooting.”

Nonviolent protests? Why would residents be rushing to arm themselves if there have been “mostly nonviolent protests” up until this point in Ferguson? Here are some images from those “mostly nonviolent protests” – you can decide how accurate CNN’s take on the nature of these protests is:

Outrage In Missouri Town After Police Shooting Of 18-Yr-Old Man

CBS St. Louis





If you lived in Ferguson, would you be arming yourself before the grand jury convenes?


Comments on “No Brainer: Gun Sales Rise Around Ferguson”

  1. Roger says:

    I would think that the people of Ferguson would have had enough of the violence that has been fomented by the likes of Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, etc. There is absolutely no excuse for the behavior that we have witnessed in this town. Business and shop keepers and home owners should be armed to the teeth, with every intention of shooting to kill, anyone who breaks into their home or place of business. Intruders and rioters will quickly get the message and that crap will come to a halt. I would be sure they are inside the home or place of business before I started firing. I would not shoot at a fleeing suspect unless they are inside. I would not shoot at anyone who is on the outside of a premises. Charges should be brought against the inciters of violence. Just my opinion. I pray for the safety of all of the residents and law enforcement officers as well as other first responders in the city of Ferguson. I pray that the Grand Jury will do the right thing and drop all charges.