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BREAKING: 200,000 Felons In THIS STATE To Vote In November!


It looks like Democrats are doing everything in their power to help Hillary Clinton get elected in November, including a revamped effort to let convicted felons vote in November!

Far-left Democratic Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe will make all ex-felons in his state eligible to vote, part of a years-long effort by leftists to allow them to vote!

From Washington Post:

McAuliffe’s announcement in Richmond on Friday will allow an estimated 180,000 to 210,000 former felons who are not in prison or on probation or parole to register to vote this year in Virginia, a battleground state, according to a coalition of civil rights groups that had pushed for the restoration of voting rights.

“It is a historic day for democracy in Virginia and across our nation,” said Tram Nguyen, co-executive director of the New Virginia Majority, a progressive activist group. “The disenfranchisement of people who have served their sentences was an outdated, discriminatory vestige of our nation’s Jim Crow past.”

Across the country, state laws vary on the right to vote for ex-offenders. According to the American Civil Liberties Union, about 5.85 million Americans with felony convictions (and misdemeanors in several states) are prevented from casting a ballot. The Sentencing Project estimates that one of every 13 African Americans is prohibited from voting. The map below by the ACLU shows how different states handle these rules.

“While we celebrate today in Virginia, we know the work continues in states like Florida, where people remain denied the restoration of their fundamental right to vote,” said Judith Browne Dianis, co-director of the Advancement Project.

McAuliffe’s restoration of voting rights will apply to former nonviolent and violent offenders. Anyone who has been convicted of a felony and has completed his sentence and been released from supervised probation or parole is eligible. The new voting rights apply to felons convicted in another state and living in Virginia.

But McAuliffe’s April 22 proclamation will not automatically restore the voting rights of all felons going forward. In the future, the Virginia governor will review eligibility and restore voting rights to ex-offenders on an ongoing basis.

McAuliffe’s spokesman, Brian Coy, declined comment.

The Brennan Center for Justice at New York University School of Law says that Virginia is one of 11 states where former felons cannot vote unless the state gives them an individual exemption.

The system is part of what Ohio State University law professor Michelle Alexander has called “the New Jim Crow.”

“Typically the restoration process is a bureaucratic maze the requires the payment of fines or court costs,” Alexander wrote in her book “The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness.” “The process is so cumbersome, confusing and onerous that many ex-offenders who are theoretically eligible to vote never manage to get their voting rights back.”

In 2013, then-Gov. McDonnell, a former prosecutor, made sweeping changes to the process felons had to complete to regain their rights, which in Virginia includes the ability to vote, run for and hold public office and serve on juries. His administration waived the requirement that nonviolent offenders who had completed their sentences had to wait two years before applying, and streamlined the process with an online form and a toll-free information hotline.

As a conservative, are you concerned that 200,000 felons in the all-important swing state of Virginia will be voting for Hillary in November? Share your thoughts below!

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