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Breaking: Is A Surprise GOP Candidate Going to Announce Tomorrow?

There’s speculation running rampant on social media that there is going to be a surprise entrant into the GOP Presidential race tomorrow.

And it is a name we’re all familiar with!

So how about it, is Paul Ryan running for President? Or is he just going to use his platform to denounce Trump?

There’s a lot going on in this race, especially with the big primaries in Utah and Arizona tonight.

Stay tuned for the latest!

Would you vote for Paul Ryan? Let us know!



  1. Terence says:

    I will not vote for Paul Ryan. He should have ran for the office like the others did.

  2. SgtBob says:


  3. Leonard says:

    At one time I thought Paul Ryan was a good man but it turns out he is just like the rest of no goods, a sell out !!!! I would not vote for him !