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Breaking: Another Endorsement That Will Change Nothing!


If it’s a day of the week that ends in “y” it must mean that we’ve got more unimportant endorsements in the presidential race.

And sure enough, he comes the most unimportant of them all:

Former Speaker of the House John Boehner has endorsed Ohio governor John Kasich in his bid to become President.

Now, if this endorsement is anything like the previous 14,567 endorsements we’ve seen in this cycle, then it likely won’t change a thing.

But before you laugh it off an just another establishment nothingburger, remember that Boehner is an Ohio native and was handily reelected to Congress over a 25-year period.

And Ohio’s primary is tomorrow. Is Boehner desperately trying to stop Trump’s momentum in the state, or does he know Kasich is heading to a victory and wants to take a slice of credit?

For those interested in the taro cards that are presidential endorsements, lets us know what you think below!