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Breaking: Democrats Desperate Anti-Trump Strategy Revealed!

By now it is a foregone conclusion that Donald Trump will be the GOP nominee and that hasn’t stopped nervous Democrats from devising a plan to try and take down the GOP frontrunner!

According to Politico, desperate Dems are drawing up a plan to try and shatter conservatives through a “combination of messaging and the ascendance of Donald Trump, Democrats see a path to cutting into the GOP coalition.”

From Politico:

Democrats are drawing blueprints for stealing GOP moderates from a rightward-driving Republican Party, saying the heist is key to scoring a White House win in November.

Democracy Corps’ Stan Greenberg, a prominent national Democratic pollster, released data Monday morning that suggest moderate Republicans — nearly a third of the GOP base — are being ignored by their presidential candidates. These Republicans don’t revile Planned Parenthood — in fact, many prefer the women’s health group to pro-life groups and candidates who take hard-line stances on abortion. They’re supportive of same-sex marriage. They’re not enamored of the NRA. They have less rigid attitudes about sex. They accept climate science.

“It’s mind-boggling,” Greenberg said. “They’re considered illegitimate within the Republican Party, and no one is speaking to them.”

It’s a dynamic Greenberg said could drive those moderates toward Democrats this fall, and he wants his party to work to make that happen.

Still, the poll shows that GOP moderates may be pliable — and that Democratic efforts to corral GOP votes shouldn’t end with just looking for moderates. The results show that Catholic Republicans are similarly out of step with the Republican base. They’re less hostile to government regulation and generally agree that those making more than $250,000 a year should pay “a lot” more in taxes.

These tactics could be even more potent if Donald Trump is the nominee. The winning arguments, Greenberg says his research shows, include convincing these Republicans that Trump is an egomaniac, that he’s disrespectful to women, that he can’t be trusted with the nation’s nuclear arsenal, that he has no clean energy agenda and that he’s hostile to global trade.

The poll shows that Trump, more than his leading rivals, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, would cause Republicans to rethink their party loyalty. About one in five say they would either not vote or are unsure whom they’d support — or even consider supporting a third-party candidate — if Trump is the nominee. Among Catholics and moderates, these figures jump even further.

Here’s a video report on the Super Tuesday contests:

What do you think of the Democrats’ desperate attempts to take out Trump? Share your thoughts below!

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Comments on “Breaking: Democrats Desperate Anti-Trump Strategy Revealed!”

  1. Marlynne says:

    think they are snakes and need to Quit while they are a head or it may back fire like using Rubio and Cruz to attack Trump…And yes we got the Memo of the letter Rubio sent to the Democrats to attack Trump supporters to call them Racist, white and Trailer trash, Fat …You mean we weren’t suppose to find that out….I will never ever vote for Rubio, Cruz or a democrat on the democrat ticket…