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BREAKING NEWS: Donald Trump Just Received HORRIBLE NEWS!

Trump unfavorable

After last week’s horrific Orlando terrorist attack, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump issued a strong message against ISIS and the need to control immigration from parts of the world that have a history of hostility towards America.

Unfortunately, since the attack Trump has received a flurry of bad polling, especially unfavorable ratings, which show a mere 29% of Americans having a positive view of the Republican, down from 37% last month.

From Politico:

Trump is setting modern records for political toxicity — at least for a major-party candidate this far out from an election. Seventy percent of Americans surveyed in an ABC News/Washington Post poll out this week had an unfavorable opinion of Trump, up 10 points over the past month. The poll showed Trump’s favorable rating cratering at 29 percent, down from 37 percent last month.

The numbers were similar in a Bloomberg Politics poll: Trump’s favorable rating is just 31 percent, with 66 percent viewing him unfavorably. That’s only marginally better than in March, when 29 percent viewed Trump favorably, and 68 percent had an unfavorable opinion.

Gallup’s latest figures show Trump at 31 percent favorable/63 percent unfavorable – significantly worse than Clinton’s 41 percent favorable/54 percent unfavorable.

Those high unfavorables extend to the battleground states: A Marquette Law School poll out Wednesday found 64 percent of Wisconsin voters view Trump unfavorably — compared to only 26 percent who have a favorable opinion of him.

But it’s not just the overall unfavorable numbers — it’s the intensity of the antipathy toward Trump, and the lack of enthusiasm for him. In the ABC News/Washington Post poll, 56 percent of respondents had a “strongly unfavorable” opinion of Trump, compared to just 15 percent who had a “strongly favorable” opinion. In the Bloomberg poll, 51 percent had a “very unfavorable” opinion of Trump, with only 11 percent having a “very favorable” opinion.

Trump’s unpopularity is without historical peer in the modern era of presidential campaigns. Mitt Romney averaged a 46-percent unfavorable rating in mid-June 2012, according to the HuffPost Pollster database. John McCain’s unfavorable rating four years prior was only 40 percent, and more voters had a positive opinion of the Arizona senator than a negative one. In June 2004, then-Sen. John Kerry had a 58-percent favorable rating, according to Gallup, with only 35 percent viewing him unfavorably. Also from Gallup: Al Gore, in late June 2000, had a 52-percent favorable rating, and Bob Dole had a 55-percent favorable rating in June 1996.

Then-President George H.W. Bush is the last candidate to have a majority-unfavorable rating in June of an election year (51 percent unfavorable in June 1992), according to Gallup. But Bill Clinton’s unfavorable rating that year (47 percent) was also high. In May 1988, according to an ABC News/Washington Post poll, Michael Dukakis had an otherworldly 67-percent favorable rating, with just 10 percent viewing him unfavorably.

The Dukakis figures offer a historical warning: The former Massachusetts governor had a significant lead over Bush entering the summer of 1988, but Bush overtook and soundly defeated Dukakis later that year. By early October, Dukakis’ stellar image rating had been slashed in half: More voters in a CBS News/New York Times poll by that time viewed Dukakis unfavorably than favorably.

But Gallup editor in chief Frank Newport sees some parallels in the 1992 campaign. Unfavorable opinions of Bush reached as high as 57 percent “in the fall, when he was in the heat of combat,” Newport said.

Do you think Trump can overcome these unfavorable numbers come November or will it continue to dog his candidacy? Share your thoughts with us below! 

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  1. Shavager says:

    The ONLY POLL THAT COUNTS IS ELECTION DAY VOTES!! The MEDIA is driving negative polls and stories to discourage voters from voting for Trump! IF YOU ARE AN AMERICAN CITIZEN–YOU ARE VOTING FOR ISIS and CORRUPT POLITICIANS IF YOU ELECT HILLARY CLINTON! The QUEEN of CRIMINAL ACTIVITY is as dishonest and deceitful as the muslim SODOMITE Obama!!

  2. Cathy says:

    I haven’t believed polls in this whole election period.The msm can control that too

  3. secularsceptic says:

    I think the Democrats, who will have about 2 billion dollars to play with, have an illegal plan to control the vote outcome. They pulled a lot of that stuff last election, more votes than voters in some precincts, zero votes for Romney in entire precincts (statistically impossible) and this year they have it perfected. So they have to run some bogus polls to set up the public for a vote blowout for Hillary. Because if they pull off the vote fraud and no one is expecting it, there could be a strong demand for a recount or even a do-over. All we can do is vote in record numbers for Trump and hope for some honest oversight by the Republican establishment.

  4. Glen says:

    OK let me see, Trump set records for votes for a Republican Candidate running for President correct ? So, how is it even possible that he has a 70% disapproval rating ? Do you think we might be being LIED to AGAIN ???

  5. Michael says:

    i don’t believe these poll numbers for one second. yes, trump can be rough around the edges, but he tells the truth. he knows what he’s talking about. hillary , one the other hand just lies through her teeth and has a history of corruption a mile long. i don’t care if for some reason you personally
    don’t like trump. he is not a lying politician, and has good ideas to turn this country, isn’t that what we want ? the democratic party has shown us what they do. do you really want a lying criminal in the white house who will continue the down hill ride that obama started ? let’s be smart this time and vote for the man who knows how to problem solve. who has a backbone, is NOT muslim and knows how to get things done. GO TRUMP !

  6. Carlos says:

    I am pro Trump. As a Viet nam ,veteran Trump is for the Veterans. I have never heard the establishment say they support the Veterans and not one. In Mississippi out Representative is a Veteran and never a chirp from him to help the Veterans. Even in a cost of living they say no for the last two years but they got theirs. We have Representatives without Representation.

  7. Jerry says:

    wonder who they are polling? Hillary or Bernie voters?

  8. Kerry Toby says:

    I’m going to vote for Trump….I was talking to some young people today and most said they wouldn’t vote…..I’m sick of the same old crap every election year and the politicians who tell lies, steal and the greed that drives them….Trump? Why not he might say things you don’t like to hear but at least he tells the truth as he sees it….

  9. Richard says:

    Typical leftist rag garbage

  10. Malissa says:

    This just keeps getting funnier. So what, I feel the same way Trump does. This PC BS has gone on to far!!! I HAVE EVERY RIGHT AS AN AMERICAN TO SAY WHAT’S ON MY MIND, sometimes it may not be the right thing to do, however WE ARE HUMAN BEINGS. EVERYONE MAKES MISTAKES. IF YOU DON’T, THEN YOU ARE DEAD. ADMIT IT AND MOVE ON…..NOW, LET’S TALK ABOUT WHY WE HAVEN’T SEEN AN ARREST FOR hillary…………………

  11. montanagirl100 says:

    Go Trump! You did not take $25 million from foreign dignitaries like Hillary did and she took millions from many different foreign countries. Now she is BEHOLDEN to these countries. What did she promise them in return ?? Yikes !! This is NOT GOOD FOR USA!!! WHAT THE HECK IS SHE DOING?? SHE IS GIVING OUR COUNTRY AWAY !!! Mr. Trump, this country seriously needs you !! Thank you for standing up for America and giving it your all to change things back to where they should be again. America loves you !

  12. Bill-B says:

    This only proves that the Liberal led media is up to its old tricks. How a murdering, lying POS like Hilary can be above 2% is proof that we don’t elect Presidents, the government in office that has the media support tells us who will be the next President. Get ready America, the next Hitler will be a gay, piano legged, lesbian who will lead in the New World Order.

  13. Rose says:

    I am a Trump supporter. as such sending him sound advice. STOP w/ personal attacks, stick w/ the great changes you will make for America. You were way up now losing w/ remarks better not said or we will end up w/ Hillary in the WH!!

  14. Ted says:

    I totally agree, polls are democrat inspired bull crap, Trump will defeat hillary by better than 2 to 1.

  15. Anita says:

    And it is all bullfinky folks.


  16. Susan says:

    Sorry, the MSM, and the polls are in the tank with the democrats. I do not believe and have no faith in what is being touted. I want America to be great again and I want American citizens to be the priority.