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Breaking: Donald Trump’s VP Running Mate Revealed?!?!


After Donald Trump’s dominant performance during last night’s Indiana primary, which resulted in Texas Senator Ted Cruz dropping out, the top question swirling is who Trump will pick as his running mate!

According to Bloomberg Politics’ Mark Halperin, the one man tough enough to serve as Donald Trump’s vice president is none other than New Jersey Governor Chris Christie!

From Mediaite:

The conversation now shifts to who Donald Trump will select as his Vice Presidential running mate to tag along into the general election, a situation that is as bizarre as it is unlikely. After all, the Trump Train has essentially been a moving freight express on the campaign trail with only one seat reserved for the driver, and little to no indication that Trump can even play well with others. But as Trump himself identified in numerous morning show interviews Wednesday morning, he is in the process of considering a handful of candidates, and MSNBC’s Mark Halperin identified the favorite in that contest.

While Halperin mentioned that choices like former Defense Secretary Robert Gates or former Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels, “would fundamentally change the race,” they both pale in comparison to the top dog:

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.

“I think Christie’s the favorite,” he said. When asked what the former GOP candidate would bring to a Trump ticket, Halperin noted, “[He’s] a brawler who can take on the Clintons. They have to make her as unacceptable as they’re gonna try and make Trump and I think Christie, he’s the best brawler in American politics.”

People have long suspected that one of the political maneuvers behind Christie’s baffling early endorsement of Trump was the potential to land a cabinet position in the possible administration. Given Christie’s prosecutorial background and expertise, many have thought that the New Jersey Governor would make a great Attorney General. During a New Hampshire campaign stop in February, Christie told a restaurant crowd, “You know the last person [Hillary Clinton] wants to see on that stage in September? You’re looking at him.”

He continued, backed by his usual Jersey bravado, “Man, she sees a federal prosecutor on the stage, I’ll beat her rear end on that stage. And you know what? After I do, she’ll be relieved because she’ll just be worried I was going to serve her with a subpoena.” Shortly after dropping out, Christie endorsed Donald Trump on February 26, a move that was met by head scratches across the political media landscape.

What are your thoughts on Trump possible picking Governor Christie as his running mate? Would you support this pick? Share your thoughts below!

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Comments on “Breaking: Donald Trump’s VP Running Mate Revealed?!?!”

  1. Since when has Halperin been interested in seeing Republicans win? Choosing Christie, another pugnacious Caucasian Washington outsider from an adjacent state makes no sense. Trump needs some salsa in his menu – the days of the vanilla ice cream
    Caucasian ticket are over. Rubio would provide the salsa and Florida.