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BREAKING: Financial Scandal Could Sink Ted Cruz’s Campaign


Ted Cruz, who just today scored a huge endorsement, could be in major trouble for failing to disclose a big loan he received from big bank Goldman Sachs (who also employed his wife) during his 2012 campaign for Senate

But the couple’s decision to pump more than $1 million into Mr. Cruz’s successful Tea Party-darling Senate bid in Texas was made easier by a large loan from Goldman Sachs, where Mrs. Cruz works. That loan was not disclosed in campaign finance reports.

Those reports show that in the critical weeks before the May 2012 Republican primary, Mr. Cruz — currently a leading contender for his party’s presidential nomination — put “personal funds” totaling $960,000 into his Senate campaign. Two months later, shortly before a scheduled runoff election, he added more, bringing the total to $1.2 million — “which is all we had saved,” as Mr. Cruz described it in an interview with The New York Times several years ago.

Now, the loan was paid back and Cruz’s campaign claims nothing is fishy.

But it is still controversial because while Cruz has claimed to be anti-big bank and their bailouts, he has no problem taking money from them.

More on this as it develops.

Via: NYT

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