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BREAKING: Former Admiral Slams Obama’s Iran Deal, Calls for IMPEACHMENT


Iran is a regime not to be trusted. So why is President Barack Obama talking to them, and cutting deals! Even his own party is opposed to what he’s doing.

And now, a retired U.S. Admiral says that it’s time to impeach Obama. This is big news:

Retired US Adm. James A. Lyons, writing for Accuracy in Media, agrees with Motaghi. He wrote that the negotiations regarding a nuclear agreement with Iran are “a sham” and that its outcome was pre-ordained by Obama in secret communications with the Iranian leaders in 2008.

Lyons based his conclusions on a report by Iran expert Michael Ledeen and called for Obama’s impeachment.

Michael Ledeen wrote in August last year that Obama used a secret back channel to Tehran during his first presidential campaign in 2008. He did this to assure the mullahs that he was a friend of the Islamic Republic and that they would be very happy with his policies.

You can read Ledeen’s full report here.

via Conservative Post

As long as Obama is in the White House, America is at risk.

Is it time for impeachment? Please leave us a comment and tell us what you think.



  1. William says:

    Here is what needs to be done to remove him from being able to hurt Americans and this Country anymore. We and I mean everyone that agrees this person has gone too far for too long. We need to get on our knees, bow our heads and pray in earnest to Our Lord God in heaven. Dear Lord please dont let President Obama succeed in hurting America anymore. Please let him realize that we know he is a liar and cannot be trusted. Please thwart any and all of his harmful ill advised and usually illegal actions. Please protect us from all the plans he has in his head. Im sorry to you for not putting you first ALL the time like I should, but I know you are a loving God and I really believe 90% of Americans are good and loving people. Take care of us God, Please protect us from the evil that is in the political system in our country .Please remove Obamas twisted and evil plans and help us get back on track as a nation in obebdience to you. Save us from ww3 as that is the direction were headed. Thank You God. This is the only way for us to survive through all the Evil in our land.

  2. Matt says:

    Well, my Avatar say;s there are other Presidents to challenge for that label of the worst! On another note, 10,000 Seal pups have washed op on west-coast shores. Of over 9,000 species of life in the Tidal Pools, they are finding 6, We will all be dead in a few years! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ErtCVXCxefI

  3. Trucker says:

    Try him for treason, him and everyone that served in his cabinet…

  4. Mary says:

    Oh yeah…….on second thought …….I prefer arrest and prosecute for TREASON.

    1. Trucker says:

      Aree with you. Him and everyone that served in his cabinet,( holder and clinton to name a few).

  5. Bob says:

    About freaking time ( with a huge smile on my face)

  6. Cynthia says:

    Impeach and get him out of the Whitehouse. Long over due. He acts like the antichrist. Not trustworthy. And dislikes America and our military. I could go on and on. He is a disgrace to the U.S.

  7. Joyce says:

    It should happen long time ago…..He is the worst President ever….The US is going down hill fast because of Obama….Hurry up and get him out of office….Do American’s that favor in which we deserve…

  8. Gordon says:

    what are you waiting for Obama should have been impeached before he was re-elected every one knew he was not born here in America and that he was muslim. he took an oath to uphold the constitution and he has broken the oath and everything it stands for. plus he is ruining America and letting all the illegal aliens in . he is also taking our social security to give to the Illegals when social security is supposed to be going broke. What are the seniors going to do that has to depend on social security as their means of support? IMPEACH him now before he gets us all killed

  9. Geoff says:

    It’s been time for the past two years