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Breaking NOW! ISIS Claims Responsibility For ANOTHER Terrorist Attack!


We can now confirm that ISIS has officially claimed responsibility for the terrorist attack in Jakarta in which a police officer and a Canadian citizen were killed, along with the two suicide bombers.

According to Sky News:

Islamic State has claimed it carried out a co-ordinated bomb and gun assault on the Indonesian capital Jakarta, which police described as a copycat Paris terror attack.

At least seven people were killed, a Canadian and an Indonesian as well as five attackers. Twenty other people were wounded.

Footage showed two suicide bombers blow themselves up outside the cafe, and a militant was also believed to have been captured on film in a gun battle with police.

There were several large explosions across the city during the three-hour siege – with reports suicide bombers targeted multiple locations, including a Starbucks cafe at a busy shopping centre, near the presidential palace.

Watch video of a news report following the attack:

Despite Obama’s previous statements, ISIS it not a “JV” terrorist organization as it continues to gain strength and slaughter innocent people every day. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all of the victims of this latest terrorist attack!

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