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Joe Biden Just Made A MAJOR 2016 Presidential Announcement!


Despite Vice President Joe Biden deciding that he would not run for president in 2016, he has made it a point to repeatedly comment on the ongoing race for the White House, even hinting that he has some regrets about not running again.

During an interview on ABC’s Good Morning America, Biden acknowledged that while he thinks Hillary Clinton will be his party’s nominee in November, he thinks he would have been the “best president.”

From Politico:

Vice President Joe Biden is confident Hillary Clinton will win the Democratic nomination and ultimately the White House, but still believes he would be a better president.
“I had planned on running. This is an awful thing to say: I think I would have been the best president,” Biden told Robin Roberts in an interview with ABC’s “Good Morning America” that aired Wednesday.
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But ruling out a White House run in 2016 was the right decision for Biden and his family, he said.

And more from ABC:

“It’s kind of bittersweet,” Biden told Roberts of his role leading the administration’s fight against the disease that took his son. “But this is — this allows me to pour all my energies into — doing somethin’ that — hopefully will — five years from now if — someone’s diagnosed with what my Beau was diagnosed with, they — they live.”

His decision last year not to run was viewed as a boost to Hillary Clinton’s run for theDemocratic Party’s nomination.

Biden has not endorsed either Clinton or Sen. Bernie Sanders, her opponent in the primary, but he said he thinks Clinton will be the nominee.

“I feel confident that Hillary will be the nominee,” Biden said, “and I feel confident she’ll be the next president.”

Do you think that Democrats would have been better off had Biden decided to run for president or would he have been unable to compete against Hillary? Share your thoughts with us below!



  1. Terence says:

    By any change the criminal Hillary were to actually get indicted, Joe Bite Me will step right in there and he will have avoided any questions by the media and probably get more support than Hillary has from the brain dead low info Democrat voters.

    1. Terence says:

      And Biden is yet another horrible choice for president.

  2. Stanley says:

    If Biden was comparing himself to hillary when he said “I would make the best president”, he is probably correct. Of course any of the libs with the exception of pelosi, warren, and reid could say the same thing. Those three would probably be worse.

  3. Wayne says:

    There is no doubt in my mind that VP Biden would, by default, have been abetter President than either Obama or Hillary. Form what I have seen he is smarter than either, his morals are defiantly much better than either of the two criminals just mentioned, and he is not as dumb as the Obama administration portrays. Every time there is a loss of American lives by some terrorist organization that Obama supports, Biden gets very hard to control. I do see a love of America in him missing in most liberals. Because of his background he supports our military much more that the other two worthless politicians that surround him. Every time he tries to speak his mind on situations, the administration clamps down on him. He’s an interesting man, bt I will still vote for Trump.

    1. Bob says:

      If he would have made a better President & is so smart WHY didn’t he use those smarts to help the American people with our struggling economy & run for President? You said he was smarter that both Obama & Hillary, then why did he stand on the sidelines & watch his party favor a person under investigation by the FBI, & knowing she has been involved in so many other scandals, & NOT try to rescue the Democratic party & the COUNTRY.
      You say he’s better than ” the two criminals ” ( Hillary & Obama ) but in NOT doing something about them or the Presidential elections coming up, showed little regard for the people of the country, by doing NOTHING.

  4. Walter says:

    There is absolutely no doubt about it. Biden’s intelligence level is even greater than Obama’s, he’s the Einstein of politics, as any liberal can attest to. In addition, like that great leader Slick Willy Clinton, Biden has a thing for the ladies and enjoys the hands on approach, always pleasing to liberal feminists.
    . He’d make a wonderful president, a leader that Democrats could be proud of and a real role model for the millenium generation

  5. Norman says:

    In policy there is not much difference between Biden and Hillary. But in terms of ethics and morals there is great difference. Biden would have been a better role model for young Americans.

    1. Bob says:

      As I mentioned in my comment to Wayne, why did he skip the opportunity to bring better ethics & morals to not only young Americans, but to the office of the Presidency?
      Why an intelligent person sees a wrong, & does nothing about it & stands by & let’s it happen,
      Is it the fact he said he was about to run & also said he would have made a better President, but now regrets doing it, an admission that the last 8 years of the Obama administration was a disaster for the country? Kind of sounds that way.
      Seems odd that neither he or Obama has ENDORSED Hillary, they’ve only said they are confident she win be the nominee & the next President. You’d think they would be out there shouting from the rooftops what a great President she’d make.

    2. Norm says:

      Coming FLash for Nov 2016 = TRUMP wins in a landside . Seems Americans have wised up finally.