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BREAKING: MASSIVE Terrorist Attack Thwarted In A Major US CITY


Breaking News out of Milwaukee! An Islamic extremist planning a “San Bernardino-style” attack was aprehended by the FBI.


The FBI has arrested a man who it says was planning a mass shooting at a Masonic temple in Milwaukee

Samy Mohamed Hamzeh, 23, has been charged with possession of machine guns and a silencer. The FBI said he wanted to kill as many as 30 people.

According to the criminal complaint, Hamzeh had been under investigation since September.

The investigation showed that in October, Hamzeh planned to travel to Jordan, enter the West Bank, and conduct an attack on Israeli soldiers and citizens living in the West Bank.

Hamzeh later abandoned those plans and began to focus on conducting an attack in the United States.

Authorities began to record his conversations in October and during the calls, Hamzeh explained that he wanted to commit a domestic act of violence. Earlier this month, he settled on a Masonic temple in Milwaukee as his target.

Thank you FBI, for saving DOZENS of lives!

Is it time to take Islamic Terrorism seriously?



  1. Brian says:

    When ANY terrorist is caught n the planning stage and the evidence is there as it was in this case, then the projected perpetrator should be summarily executed. It will not prevent other events by other terrorists but He will never plan another and; it may slow down the internal recruitment from disaffected American Citizens and Muslim “Refugees,” poorly or not at all vetted. Islam is destroying the last vestiges of unity and independence in Europe and they are doing the same here. The Eurotrash governments have betrayed their people and no one is safe. One can see the same happening here but, we have not been yet divested of our 2nd amendment right though Obama has been trying to violate all facets of the Constitution since his initial election. Islam is totally antithetical to all aspects of Western Civilization and any idiot should be able to comprehend THAT after 30,000 Islamic terrorist events worldwide, since 9/11/01! To answer the question at the end of the article: IT IS WELL BEYOND THE TME TO TAKE ISLAMIC TERRORISM SERIOUSLY; IT WAS FROM THE DAY THEY KILLED 3,000 AMERICANS. AND, WE SHOULD HAVE ERADICATED THEM AS THE THREAT THEY ARE TO WORLD PEACE FOLLOWING THAT ATTACK!

  2. secularsceptic says:

    There are probably 10 more in the planning stage for everyone the FBI catches early. It is an endless, repeating cycle. At some point Americans will recognize that we just need to close all Mosques, and not allow any more Muslim immigrants in. We have our choice of immigrants, we are 5% of the world’s population and 90% of the world wants to come here. The Muslim Quran is in total conflict with our Constitution. Islam is an inferior culture that teaches male superiority over all women, and all non-Muslims. Their men marry children. It is not compatible with personal liberty or civilized society. We do not need to be burdened with this inferior culture. It is not about religion, it is about fundamental USA standards and laws.

  3. Boo….boogie man gonna getcha!………..reminds me of Bush years……..every time approval rates slipped, terror alert was raised keep the sheep in line…..and “justify” destroying the Bill of Rights.

    FBI was real heroes at Ruby Ridge shooting an unarmed mother in the head holding a baby in broad daylight

    And burning down a church in Waco with CS gas and murdering 80 people

    And just heard they shott ranchers in Oregon, with their hands up

  4. Malissa says:

    Thank God for the FBI!!!!!!!!! While obama sits on his throne doing nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!