There were conflicting reports about who, if anyone, was wounded besides the alleged gunman. Initial reports said a U.S. Capitol Police officer had been shot. But a federal law enforcement source briefed on the incident now tells Fox News no officers were hurt during the incident. A bystander was said to be injured, though no other details were immediately available.

The alleged gunman himself was being taken to the hospital — Fox News is told officers fired on him when he pulled a gun after setting off a metal detector. He is now in custody. An internal security notice obtained by Fox News said the “shooter is down and on the way to the hospital.”

The same notice said “one individual was hit by shrapnel and is being taken to the hospital.” Fox News is told the FBI is responding, and there do not appear to be any threats to other parts of the city. Fox News is told there was a single shooter. Congress was not in session Monday, but the city is teeming with tourists in Washington for the cherry blossoms and on spring break.

Diane Bilo, a visiting tourist from Cincinnati, told reporters her husband was inside the building when the shooting happened. She read a text she received from her husband that said “it sounded like a full clip.” Jay Blaskey, from Los Angeles, said he was in a theater at the CVC when a group of people were ushered into the room; they said the shooting took place at another theater within the center, he said.

While details are still forthcoming, the incident sent the Capitol Complex into lockdown. Parts of the lockdown are now being lifted. The U.S. Capitol Visitor Center will remain closed until further notice. The White House also was briefly put on lockdown because of the report.

Here’s a report on the shooting:

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