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BREAKING NEWS: Active Shooting Reported…At Least 7 Dead!


We are getting reports that there is an active shooting situation in Southern Ohio.

From Breaking 911:

Seven members of the same family have been killed at a southern Ohio home.

There is still an active shooter at the scene.

The residence is located on Union Hill Road in Pike County.

Also from BNO News:

Police in Ohio are responding to reports of an active shooter with multiple fatalities at a home on Union Hill Road in Peebles, located in Pike County east of Cincinnati, officials say. The current status of the shooter is unknown.

The incident happened on early Friday but only few details were immediately available. The Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation said at least 7 members of one family were killed, though there was no word on the shooter.

A large number of emergency services is at the scene and we are gathering more details.

Please stay with Headline Politics for all the latest news on this breaking news situation!



  1. Robert says:

    Do you report every time a drunk driver crashes and kills people? What does a shooting have to do with politics? This is nonsense! headline politics is nothing more than government trolls.

    1. Robert – what’s the matter with you – SEVEN people from the same family are reported killed. This has to do with the politics of the Second Amendment – wherever there is some shit like this the commie-libs start calling for gun controls.