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Breaking News: War On Cops Has Reached A Dangerous Level!


The War on Cops in this country has reached a new level this week with an Occupy Denver activist accused of murdering a deputy and wounding two other individuals.

From Breitbart:

Martin Wirth, an Occupy Denver activist who had run for State Senate on the Green Party ticket in 2014, allegedly shot three Colorado Sheriff deputies on Wednesday, killing one.

Park County Sheriff Cpl. Nate Carrigan was killed and two other deputies wounded as they were part of an eight man force serving a “contentious eviction” notice. Wirth had defaulted on his house in 2013 and was facing foreclosure proceedings.

Police say 58-year old Wirth opened fire first.

As a leader in the Occupy Denver movement, Wirth spoke out against corporate welfare, big banks, the cost of higher education, and in favor of sustaining and expanding public transportation in his run for Senate. He also claimed to be a gun rights advocate who supported the Constitution.

We need to stop the anti-cop violence now as it is ruining our country! Share this story to show your support for all of our men and women in blue!