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Breaking News! Donald Trump Makes Major Admission That Could Shake Up GOP Race!


After Ted Cruz repeatedly criticized GOP frontrunner Donald Trump for not being a true conservative, it appears that the New York billionaire may have just admitted to being a closet liberal!

According to Ben Shapiro at Breitbart:

Donald Trump has now made clear that the thrust of his campaign will not be conservatism. It will instead be populism and nationalism.

For those looking for a governing philosophy of The Donald, his checkered political history has provided little guidance. He’s seemingly endorsed single-payer healthcare; he’s said he rejects Obamacare. He’s blasted money in politics; he’s talked about the necessity for government use of eminent domain to help private parties. He’s ripped overregulation of capitalistic enterprises; he’s talked about tariffs on foreign goods. Trump isn’t conservative, and he never was.

According to Trump, then, conservatives helped bamboozle the Republican base, along with the Republican establishment. So the establishment sucks – and so do conservatives.

Trump’s move here is calculated. He’s going to campaign as a post-ideological candidate. All he wants, as he said in his next tweet, is to “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.” If that means bigger government, that means bigger government. If that means more interventionism in the economy, that means more interventionism in the economy. Trump believes he can restore American greatness in his personage – he can make terrific deals, he can “win” on behalf of America.

Does this stunning admission make you reconsider your support of Trump? If not, do you think Cruz has what it takes to take down the frontrunner? Share your thoughts below!



  1. Marsha says:

    Trump stated ON CAMERA that he would appoint his SISTER to USSC. She is a Radical Abortion advocate even supports partial Birth abortion. He is a failed business man. Daddy had to bail him out when his greed led him to not even nd the payroll of his casino employees. His Trump airlines went belly up! His FAKE Trump University was charged with FRAUD by NY STATE. he destroyed Scottish World renowned nature area to build a cheap golf course. He destroyed the lives of the residents that surrounded it, calling their homes shabby and an eyesore to his visiting high rollers. He is now taking his Truther BS to new levels. forgets it was bubba Clinton that told Sudan to release OSAMA BIN LADEN a couple of years before the 9-11 attack. Ignores the AQ dry run on the towers under Bubba’s watch in 92. Trump is a national disgrace. The Republican Party should disavow ANY connection to Trump.

  2. gmhunt says:

    WAKE UP!!! Trump is a “white” Obama

  3. Eddy says:

    if you believe that the democraticic party is a conservative party, you must have been born in syberia or south pole an not seen this country shamed over the last 8 years and not much better overthe last 16 years! now is ted cruz conservative when he has stuffed his pockets with wall street money? the others say but never do as they promise! we hear the same rhetoric from the same minds and the country keeps goin on a downward path! if you were an ambassordor or a mariine sent to syria with the gangsters there, would u feel safe with hiillary as your commander-in-chief? a conservative? eddy t. perrry

  4. Conservatism, Republican, Libertarian, it’s all smoke screens. An “individual” may identify as any ism there is but in reality the oligarchs, the elites who run the country for their own personal gain and enrichment could care less about the nation or its people. Most of these psychopaths are devoted to bringing the entire world under their control and domain. The US taxpayer is useful at this time for paying for their undertakings, paying for the theft, graft and fraud of the MIC, and supplying young men and women to die and get their bodies maimed all in the name of protecting freedom, democracy and way of life from some third world inhabitant who doesn’t even have shoes and lives 8000 miles away. The fraud is perpetrated on the people/sheeple who read articles such as this or watch the controlled media, in either case a news system that is owned by a handful of oligarchs. This is propaganda equivalent of Kim Jong-un. It is Republicans with adjectives of conservative, libertarian, or gay (see Lindsey Graham / Marco Rubio). They are no different from Democrats. The game played is over social values and the public is buried in battles over gay rights, racism, gun rights ad infinitum while all the while the looting pillaging of the country continues un noticed by the masses, who have been purposely dumbed down so they wouldn’t recognize the system fraud if they were hit in the face with a hammer. Donald Trump is not going to have any more affect as president as Obama. The first day of office he will be shown video of the JFK Dallas car ride. But, If he brings back industry and jobs, cuts the free loading of the third world migration, shuts down the military conquest of nations everywhere at the behest of the Zionist Chosenites (that would be a long shot) we could live as slaves with modest lifestyles as opposed to slaves with third world lifestyles.

  5. Laurice says:

    I’m a twenty year veteran Republican Executing Committeeman at the Country level. This does not change my mind either. In fact it strengthens my resolve to vote for Trump. During my tenure I’ve learned that at the National level Conservative represent only a small faction of of the total. Over the years the total has become dependent upon them to win elections secure regional dominance.So for political purposes Candidates hold themselves out to be true conservative when they really aren’t.

    With this in mind I ask the reader to reflect on past elections. Elections in which candidates describe themselves as is “Bush is Fond of saying”, a “Proven True Conservatives.” Has never secured the Office of President. In this respect and only this, Trump reflects, “damn the words,” “The Establishment.” He incorporates the best of both worlds into his political philosophy. THINK THREE DIMENSIONAL.

    1. Eddy says:

      thanks Laurice! could have not said it better!

  6. caliray says:

    I agree with the, to date, majority comments. The Republicans and Democrats in both parties have sold America down the river in the name of big government and their personal power and perks. I have only three or four no compromise issues and Trump’s repeated claims that he supports them is enough for me. Failing Trump’s nomination for president, I would also support Cruz and less happily Rubio. I really like Dr. Carson, but he does not seem to have any realistic chance to get the nomination. Bush and Kasich are both non’starters for me. They are simply the latest can’t win centrists in a long line of failed nominees.

  7. Gunflint says:

    I’m sick of Breaking News that Coulda, Shoulda, Maybe, just about, & indicators show. Lions, Tiger, & Bears Oh My.

  8. Fred says:

    This is just another article for the sake of posting another article. If i can’t find a stick to kill a snake with I’ll use a rock!! In other words WHATEVER WORKS IS WHAT TRUMP WILL DO.

  9. Malissa says:


  10. Susan says:

    I don’t see anything in this article that is quoted by trump. I will still vote for him. He is what this country needs to get out of debt and recover from the major blows the current administration has dealt to this country. I for one don’t want to see our country in 20 years become a muslim country.

  11. Adrian says:

    This will kill Trump.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for more.