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Breaking: Donors Urging Veteran Republican To Run Against Trump!

WASHINGTON - OCTOBER 16:  Secretary Condoleezza Rice, State smiles wile U.S. President George W. Bush speaks before signing H.R. 7222, the Andean Trade Preference Act, in the Old Executive Office Building October 16, 2008 in Washington, DC. The legislation is a one year extension giving U.S. trade preferences to Colombia, Bolivia, Ecuador and Peru.  (Photo by Dennis Brack-Pool/Getty Images)

Given that businessman Donald Trump is inching closer to securing the GOP nomination, some Republican donors are trying to convince former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to make an Independent run for president!

From Politico:

 A group of Republican donors and strategists has been working to persuade former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to make an independent bid for president, according to a memo outlining the plan obtained by POLITICO Florida.

The group has grown increasingly dissatisfied with New York billionaire Donald Trump, the Republican front-runner who has roiled the party’s establishment as he has surged ahead in the polls.

“The reality of the the matter is that we will have President Trump or President Clinton — if we don’t have President Rice,” read the memo, which was written by Joel Searby, a consultant with Florida-based GOP firm Data Targeting.

POLITICO reported last month about a memo that a group of donors was working on with Data Targeting to look at the viability of a third-party run amid Trump’s ascent. The newest memo, sent Thursday, is an update on the firm’s work.

Rice, who is black, also gets between 10-25 percent with black and Hispanic voters in a three-way ballot test with Trump and Clinton in states they polled, according to the memo.

If Rice agrees to run, the plan’s first step will be focusing on North Carolina and Texas as a measure of her viability. Rice would need to gather over 79,900 valid petition signatures in Texas by May 9 and over 89,000 in North Carolina by June 9.

“We will have to assess the reality of going forward if we do  not get on the ballot in those stats,” Searby wrote.

He wrote that the ultimate end game is simple: Stop Clinton.

“This has grown more urgent and more important, we believe, as the prospect of a brokered convention is floated,” he wrote. “It is this group’s belief that a brokered convention is a recipe for Hillary Clinton’s election and the death of the Republican Party.”

Both Data Targeting and Bascom declined to comment other than authenticating the memo.

Do you think Ms. Rice will actually jump into the 2016 race, or is this all wishful thinking among the GOP establishment? Share your thoughts below!


Comments on “Breaking: Donors Urging Veteran Republican To Run Against Trump!”

  1. Elise says:

    This is wishful thinking. Condolezza Rice would make a wonderful President but she has shunned the position for awhile and I think she would not see this as the right time to jump in. I think she has more class then that.
    I don’t think they are giving Donald Trump enough credit for being able to beat Hillary and become President. Also they would have a mess on their hands with his supporters and I don’t blame them. He has worked hard to reach the position he now has in the race with all the pundits and newsmedia on his tail trying to make it work and then not liking what they created and not being able to get rid of it. I think he would make a great President and that they should get behind him and help make that happen instead of belittling him and making themselves look bad. He has the peoples vote so what is the problem. it is all the fat cats worried that they will not have the power that they have had all these years1
    . That would be a good thing!