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Breaking News: GOP Plot To Steal Nomination From Trump Revealed!

Republican presidential candidate, Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla. pauses while speaking during a technology roundtable at the Switch Innovation Center, Friday, May 29, 2015, in Las Vegas. (AP Photo/John Locher)

After Donald Trump’s massive victory during this week’s Super Tuesday contests, the GOP establishment is in full panic mode!

Breitbart has obtained exclusive audio exposing Marco Rubio’s campaign manager plotting a brokered convention to steal the nomination away from Trump.

From Breitbart:

Last Wednesday evening in New York, according to CNN, Rubio campaign manager Terry Sullivan met privately with a group of supporters and top donors to chart Rubio’s path forward heading into Super Tuesday after abysmal performances from the first-term Florid Senator so far. During the meeting, Sullivan walked Rubio’s money men through the scenario he envisions he will use to stop Trump.

An audio recording of Sullivan giving the powerpoint presentation obtained exclusively by Breitbart News shows Sullivan plotting for a brokered convention.

“That is – I know if you watch the cable shows, they’re pretty breathless right about now that this is it, nothing is stopping Donald Trump,” Sullivan says at the opening of his remarks on aiming for brokered convention. “He can’t be stopped. He has got more momentum, this is it. It is over.”

But, Sullivan argued in the pre-Super Tuesday session: “5.3 percent of the delegates allocated in this thing. We have 94.7 percent remaining. You need to get to 1,237 delegates to win this thing.”

Sullivan argued in the meeting in Manhattan that according to South Carolina exit polling, late deciders in these primaries are breaking for Rubio in a big way—so it’s not time to throw in the towel just yet. Exit polling from Virginia on Super Tuesday seemed to back that point up, but again like South Carolina—it was too little too late and Rubio lost to Trump.

“This is the exit polling in South Carolina, just kind of to give you a little – kind of a snapshot of the public,” Sullivan told the donors.

Sullivan added that this trend has been seen around the country. “That 28 percent close in the final week, that’s indicative of what we saw in Iowa and then, to a lesser extent in New Hampshire, obviously, that was not a good state for us – had a bad run there,” Sullivan said.

When Sullivan was giving this presentation, the final delegate counts from Nevada had not yet been totaled. But heading into Super Tuesday, Trump had 82 delegates while Cruz had 17 delegates and Rubio had 16 delegates. While the totals aren’t yet completely tabulated for Super Tuesday, Rubio—by any calculation—fared especially poorly since he failed to hit the 20 percent threshold statewide in Texas meaning he only will from there win a handful of delegates from congressional districts in which he topped 20 percent.

And here’s video of RINO Mitt Romney going after Trump earlier today!

We cannot elect the GOP elite steal the nomination away from Donald Trump. If Marco Rubio and the rest of the Republican establishment tries to block Trump’s rightful spot as the GOP nominee millions of Americans will leave the party for good!
Share this story with everyone you know to send a message to the GOP that Donald Trump should not be screwed over by the GOP!!

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Comments on “Breaking News: GOP Plot To Steal Nomination From Trump Revealed!”

  1. Woody says:

    Do these crooks know that they are going against the will of the people? Trump has got where he has by the VOTE OF THE PEOPLE. If the GOP is going to go down this path, against the will of the people, there will be a second revolution in this country.