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Breaking News: GOP Establishment’s Secret Candidate To Stop Trump Revealed!


Now that Trump is on a path to win the GOP nomination, establishment Republicans are now rallying around Hillary Clinton to defeat both Donald Trump and his main challenger, Senator Ted Cruz.

From Breitbart:

Congressman Rep. Steve King (R-IA) appeared onBreitbart News Daily Tuesday morning to support Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) in today’s crucial primary elections and to warn that the GOP Establishment is determined to punish Trump and Cruz supporters, and they could even tacitly get behind Hillary Clinton as someone “they can do business with” if Cruz or Trump wins the nomination.

“We’re going to have something like 70 percent of the vote that comes in here today, and they’re going to be anti-Establishment votes,” King noted, describing the 2016 primary as a “revolt against the Establishment in the Republican Party.”

He said he’s felt the wrath of the Establishment himself, despite striving to give them everything they claim to desire in conservative policies, such as low taxation and regulatory relief.

The problem, said King, is that he gives them more than they really want, such as “pro-life, pro-marriage, pro-Constitution, pro-real free enterprise, and an American culture and civilization that pulls itself up by its bootstraps, and grows its GDP on a per-capita basis average.”

Ironically, the Establishment’s political and policy failures leave it on the precipice of making a choice between Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, who are likely to be the only candidates left standing after the next two big primary days.  “They’re gonna be thinking: lesser of two evils, what shall we do?” King chuckled.

Unfortunately, as he went on to note, it was no laughing matter that “they may decide they can do business with Hillary, and they might take their big bucks and go home.”  He thought some Establishment figures and their supporters might actively support Clinton against their own party’s nominee, if it turned out to be Trump or Cruz.

Here’s video from Trump’s victory last night:

Do you agree that the establishment would rather have Hillary as president than either Trump or Cruz? Share your thoughts below!

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  1. Gary says:

    If the GOP actually does this then “WE THE PEOPLE” will throw it down in Civil War. We can’t have another 4 years of the heartache and especially NOT Hillary.

  2. Roland says:

    Yes, I believe that the RINO’s of the Republican party, about 66%, would choose the Democrat, no mater who it may be! The ONLY way that they can save the RINO party! They may be in for a surprise, to learn that the RINO party is HISTORY!

  3. Roger says:

    If the Americans aren’t cross enough already GOP tactics like this will make them madder for sure, oh and “BTW” see the article I posted on my Facebook page about the French and how they voted for Chirac who they hated in order to keep Jean Marie Le Penn out -they could live with one but not the other. It shows and exposes the way “The Beast” moves, or should that be the other Biblical description -.”The Whore” and we all know that involves cash and caked on concealing makeup! and corruption (a polite way of putting ‘ill’-a dose of everything under the sun.) covered and concealed under corsets …you get the picture.

  4. Ronald says:

    Do they really think the people are going to change horses in mid stream? NOT. And there are more Democrats who will vote for Trump or Cruz than the other way around. We need a change, and I think the voters are going to go for it.