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Breaking News! Last Minute ‘Super Tuesday’ Results Show Major GOP Shakeup!


While Donald Trump had a very strong night on Super Tuesday, some late-night results suggest that Texas Senator Ted Cruz may be on the rise in the race for the GOP nomination.

Despite earning the support of former Governor Sarah Palin, Trump was unable to win the Alaska Caucus last night, instead losing to Cruz.

From The Atlantic:

U.S. Senator Ted Cruz is projected to have won the Republican presidential caucuses in Alaska.

With all the precincts reporting, Cruz narrowly defeated Donald Trump, the Republican front-runner, 7,973 votes (36.4 percent) to 7,346 (33.5 percent),according to the Associated Press.

Alaska will send 28 delegates to the Republican convention in Cleveland on July 18. The win gives Cruz 12 delegates. Trump, who had secured the support of Sarah Palin, the state’s former governor, will take home 11. Marco Rubio, the U.S. senator from Florida, who finished third in the state, will get five. Alaska Dispatch News reported that, in all, 21,930 votes were cast.

Cruz won in 24 of the state’s 40 legislative districts. Trump won 15. Ben Carson, the retired neurosurgeon, took one; Rubio none.

His second-place finish in Alaska notwithstanding, Donald Trump had a very super Tuesday. He won in seven states, including much of the South. Cruz won three, including his home state of Texas, and Oklahoma. Rubio was projected to win in Minnesota.

Trump now has 285 delegates; Cruz has 161; Rubio 87. The first to secure 1,237 delegates will win the presidential nomination.

Here’s a video of Cruz’s Super Tuesday victory speech:

Does Cruz’s Alaska victory, plus wins in Oklahoma and Texas threaten Trump’s White House chances? Share your thoughts below. 

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  1. K Thomas says:

    losers all , and the voters who support this old old party…