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Breaking News! Legendary Actress Dead At 69!


We have just learned that Oscar winning actress Patty Duke has died at the age of 69!

From ABC News:

Patty Duke died this morning, ABC News has confirmed.

According to her rep, Mitchell Stubbs, the cause of death was sepsis from a ruptured intestine.

The actress, whose real name was Anna Pearce, was 69.

“She was a wife, a mother, a grandmother, a friend, a mental health advocate and a cultural icon,” Stubbs added in a statement. “She will be greatly missed.”

Also from The Hollywood Reporter:

Patty Duke, who won a best supporting actress Oscar for her performance as Helen Keller in The Miracle Worker and starred as two cousins, different as night and day, on her own sitcom, has died, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed. She was 69.

“This morning, our beloved wife, mother, matriarch and the exquisite artist and champion of mental health, Anna Patty Duke, closed her eyes, quieted her pain and ascended to a beautiful place,” read a family statement. “We celebrate the infinite love and compassion she shared through her work and throughout her life.”

Although she performed in films, theater and TV, Duke was most successful in her TV acting career. Overall, she won three Emmy Awards: The Miracle Worker, Captains and Kings and My Sweet Charlie, among eight total nominations.

At the same age, Duke was also the youngest up to that time of having a TV series bearing her name, The Patty Duke Show, which ran for three seasons, beginning in 1963. Duke was nominated for an Emmy Award in 1965 for her dual performance as two identical cousins.

The series was based on a Sidney Sheldon pilot about two identical-looking cousins, one American and one English. Duke played two parts: the perky cousin and the studious cousin. William Schallert and Jean Byron played the parents.

She was also nominated for a Daytime Emmy for Insight. Duke won a Golden Globe as Most Promising Newcomer for The Miracle Worker,” as well as a Best Supporting Actress nomination. She won a Golden Globe for Best Motion Picture Actress – Musical/Comedy – for Me, Globe for “The Patty Duke Show.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Duke’s entire family during this trying time! 



  1. Robert says:

    Patty Duke was a good actress. She was NOT legendary. This term is used way too much. Last week Frank Sinatra Jr was called legendary. He was not. His father, Frank Sr was legendary. Patty Duke and Frank Jr were good entertainers but were by no means “legendary.” That term should be reserved for people like Frank Sinatra Sr, Judy Garland, Bette Davis, John Wayne – now those people were legendary.

    1. Allen says:

      And you’re welcome to your opion, Robert. How you can call an award-winning actress SIMPLY “a good actress”, is beyond me. And at this moment, when a remarkable life should be celebrated, I find your assessment heartless and crass. It is a comment we well could have done without.

      1. Robert says:

        And you are entitled to your opinion, but to include Patty Duke in the same class as an actress (has NOTHING to do with her as a person) as Bette Davis, Elizabeth Taylor and Katherine Hepburn, REAL legends, is sacrilege

      2. Robert says:

        There are HUNDREDS of award-winning actresses. There are very few who could be considered “legendary.”