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Breaking News: Speaker Paul Ryan To Resign?!?!


With the divide between Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump increasingly growing, Ryan has hinted that he may step down as chair of the GOP convention if he does not endorse Trump!

From Fox News:

House Speaker Paul Ryan opened the door Monday to stepping down as Republican convention chairman if asked by presumptive presidential nominee Donald Trump, whom Ryan has declined to endorse.

Ryan first made the comments during a meeting with Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reporters.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel columnist Christian Schneider tweeted: “.@SpeakerRyan on whether he’d step down as convention chair if Trump asks: I’ll do whatever he asks me to do.”

Asked about the reported comments, a spokeswoman for Ryan confirmed to Fox News: “That is his position, yes.”

The remarks come after Ryan last week declined to endorse Trump, at least at this point, suggesting he wants to see Trump do more to unify the party and stand by Republican principles.

Trump fired back over the weekend, saying he was “blind-sided” by the remarks – while declining to answer directly when asked in an interview whether Ryan could still serve as convention chairman if he doesn’t endorse Trump.

Trump plans to meet with Ryan later this week and suggested he’d have a better idea of his answer after that discussion.

Meanwhile, Trump backer Sarah Palin on Sunday said she plans to work to unseat Ryan, by supporting Ryan’s primary challenger in Wisconsin’s first district. Ryan’s snub of Trump was “not a wise decision of his,” Palin said on CNN’s “State of the Union.”

Trump, asked about Palin’s remarks on Monday on CNN, called her a “free agent” and said he had nothing to do with that push.

Ryan is facing businessman Paul Nehlen in the Aug. 9 Republican congressional primary.

Do you think Trump should pressure Ryan to step down as convention chair if the Speaker refuses to endorse? Share your thoughts with us below!

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  1. montanagirl100 says:

    I don’t think Trump has to pressure anybody to do anything. He’s his own man and he has shown America that he stands strong. If he wants Ryan to step down, Ryan will step down, he won’t fight Trump, Ryan doesn’t appear to be a fighter like Trump is.

  2. Jerry says:

    Ryan will also need to resign from the House, if he cannot get behind and support Trump.

  3. La says:

    Ryan was done when he hitched himself to the loser Romney. He will never recover from that. He should immediately be replaced by Reince Prebius as the Chairman of the convention. Trump should not have to get involved. The convention is now Trump’s, it must be chaired by a Trump supporter. There are plenty of them… should be no problem at all.

  4. Juan Two Three says:

    GET OUT OF YOUR OFFICE, RYAN!! You are a filthy, rotten ‘turn-coat’ inbred RINO!! For YOU voting all the way with that worthless Obongoloid and his unconstitutional Executive Orders that YOU personally supported, we know what your real colors are! You couldn’t get VP and should not have gotten the Speaker of the House chair either! Go back to Wisconsin and sift through dairy cow sh*t!

  5. James Allen says: