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Breaking News: Rubio Supporter Threatening Violence Against Trump!


With Marco Rubio being named the supposed establishment savior to defeat Donald Trump, it should come as no surprise that his supporters are threatening violence in order to stop Trump from winning the Republican nomination!

First, as the Gateway Pundit points out, an anti-Trump Super PAC is running ads falsely claiming that Trump refuses to condemn the KKK:

Secondly, a Rubio supporter has now publicly admitted he would gladly firebomb the GOP convention in Cleveland if Trump becomes the nominee:

The entire GOP establishment should be ashamed itself by fueling this anti-Trump rhetoric. Please share this story with everyone you know!

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Comments on “Breaking News: Rubio Supporter Threatening Violence Against Trump!”

  1. stonemike says:

    No telling how much money is being spent by “leftists” to make republicans “unfit to govern !