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Breaking News: North Korea Launches Missile Attack!


News is just breaking that North Korea has fired missiles into the Sea of Japan which is in direct violation of U.N. sanctions.

From Breaking 911:

North Korea have fired missiles into the sea of Japan hours after the United Nations imposed new sanctions.

They launched multiple short-range missiles into the Sea of Japan, at around 10am local time.

The UN Security Council unanimously passed a resolution which imposed further sanctions.

“Japan strongly urges North Korea to sincerely heed the strong warnings and condemnation repeatedly expressed by the international community,” said Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

US President Barack Obama said the international community was “speaking with one voice” to tell the North it “must abandon these dangerous programmes and choose a better path for its people.”

US ambassador Samantha Power said: “part of the perverse reality that has no equal in this world” is that North Korea prioritizes its nuclear and ballistic missile programs over the basic needs of its own people.

Here’s a video on North Korea’s continued violation of the U.N. sanctions:

This story is just breaking so please stay with us for more details!



  1. John says:

    fat boy just waiting for attack so he can release a nuke on ? and is he is in his right mind or does he want to die with an infinite number of innocent ignorant n. koreans….we need to take him out like yesterday…wake up Barack before he hits us!!!

  2. K Thomas says:

    IT is time the rest of the world nations, show a little action ourselves by bombing this despots home! and testing out precision bombing capacity. Do it twice! and the Koreans will do the rest.

  3. Malissa says:

    OMG!!!!!!!!! DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT obama!!!!!! Try to go out on a better note than you came in on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE NEED TRUMP NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!