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BREAKING: Paul Ryan Set To Endorse Donald Trump?!?!


Amid reports that Speaker of the House Paul Ryan was planning on throwing his support behind Republican frontunner Donald Trump, the Speaker’s office is heavily pushing back on such claims.

For the past several weeks, Ryan has made it clear that he could not currently endorse Trump but would like to be able to.

From Politico:

A top adviser to Paul Ryan sent an internal memo Wednesday morning batting down reports that the speaker would soon endorse Donald Trump.

“Hey folks — just an FYI that reports this morning of imminent political news from Paul are not true,” top Ryan aide Brendan Buck wrote to his colleagues Wednesday morning. “Just bad reporting. Carry on, and happy Wednesday.”

The tenor of the internal memo — obtained by POLITICO — reflects Ryan’s continuing caution in dealing with Trump. Ryan (R-Wis.) has said that his conversations with Trump have been positive, but he has never indicated an endorsement is coming in the immediate future.

“There’s no update and we’ve not told the Trump campaign to expect an endorsement,” said AshLee Strong, a spokeswoman for Ryan. “He’s also not told anyone he regrets anything.”

Bloomberg and ABC News reported Wednesday that Ryan was on the brink of endorsing the New York real estate tycoon, citing sources in Trump’s campaign.

Ryan and Trump are expected to meet again in the coming weeks. Trump is expected to speak to the entire House Republican Conference in June.


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