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BREAKING: Prince’s TRUE Cause Of Death Revealed!

Prince performs at half time during Super Bowl XLI between the Indianapolis Colts and Chicago Bears at Dolphins Stadium in Miami, Florida on February 4, 2007. (Photo by Theo Wargo/WireImage)

We can now confirm to you that music icon Prince died from an opioid overdose last month. This comes after much speculation over whether Prince died from a drug overdose or from other mysterious causes.

From NY Daily News:

A Minnesota autopsy found an opioid overdose caused the unexpected April 21 death of musical megastar Prince inside his sprawling Paisley Park compound, the Associated Press reported. The results were made public weeks after a four-hour autopsy by local Chief Medical Examiner Dr. A. Quinn Strobl.

A preponderence of evidence has since suggested Prince’s sudden death at age 57 was linked to prescription painkiller abuse. Prince, citing “the flu,” canceled a pair of early April live shows. He was spied hanging outside a local Walgreens pharmacy in the days before his death. Reports indicated the Oscar and Grammy winner nearly overdosed on Percocet while flying home from his final concert performance in Atlanta on April 14.

His private plane was forced to land so Prince could receive a life-saving shot of Narcan. And Prince’s panicked inner circle moved to get the rock Hall of Famer into drug rehab on the day before his body was found. The diminutive rocker was found dead on the same day a California addiction specialist sent his son to meet with Prince.

His lifeless body was discovered inside an elevator in the suburban Minneapolis home. Authorities with a search warrant apparently went through the residence in a hunt for prescription drugs. Federal DEA investigators joined the probe in a search for possible criminal activity, a legal source confirmed to the Daily News. Friends suggested Prince had battled severe hip pain since his high-heeled days on the “Purple Rain” tour.

Percocet is a highly-addictive opiate that combines the narcotic oxycodone and acetaminophen, used to create a slow time-release of the drug. Despite the reports and rumors, friends of Prince insisted that he was a health nut who steered clear of drugs and alcohol. The procedure was done on the day after Prince’s death, and he was immediately cremated once the samples were taken from the Purple One. Authorities warned that toxicology results in the death of the “Little Red Corvette” and “Kiss” star could take weeks.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Prince’s entire family during this tragic time!