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BREAKING: RNC Just Silenced Anti-Trump Movement In A HUGE WAY!

Trump convention

We’ve been hearing for a while now how the anti-Trump movement has been working behind the scenes to steal Donald Trump’s nomination at the GOP Convention in a couple of weeks.

Pretty simple solution to this, if delegates don’t want to vote for who they are bound to, then step down and let an alternate go and do their job. If doing your job as a delegate hurts your feelings, then stop being a delegate. Problem solved.

I wish Republican leaders had fought as hard to keep Obama from being elected as they are fighting to keep Trump from getting the nomination. Like it or not, our party members have selected Trump to represent them. This ongoing diatribe makes you look weak and whiny. And delegates are chosen to represent the voters, not themselves.

I am glad the RNC has decided to use these tactics to make sure things are on the up and up. But then again, who’s watching them?

Trump convention

From Newsmax:

The Republican National Committee and campaign of Donald Trump are reportedly getting “hard-nosed” in their efforts to head off an anti-Trump revolt at the party’s convention next month.

According to the New York Times, the RNC is packing key positions with “loyal party stalwarts” to make sure rogue delegates don’t try to disrupt the Cleveland event.

The anti-Trump delegates appeared to get a boost last week when both House Speaker Paul Ryan and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker said delegates should have free reign to follow their consciences when voting at the convention rather than remain bound to a candidate.

Peter Feaman, who will serve on the convention rules committee, called ditch Trump talk “a lot of sound and fury.”

“We’re going to ride the Trump bandwagon into 1600 Penn Avenue, or into oblivion,” he tells the Times. “One or the other.”

Freeing up the delegates has been promoted for years by Curly Haugland, a Republican National Committee official from North Dakota, the Times reports — and recently RNC officials began sending out emails trying to discredit him.

“It’s a total smear campaign,” Haugland tells the Times.

According to the Times, the RNC and Trump campaign “are employing hard-nosed tactics” that include warning delegates that trying to undermine Trump violates party rules, and even “threatening to deny speaking slots to Republicans they deem disloyal for not backing him.”

This shouldn’t be who the delegates want; it should be who the people want. Apparently, the people want Trump and delegates are there to REPRESENT the people, not themselves. I have voted Republican since 2007, and I have never been more disappointed.

Guess it goes to show you that ALL politicians are corrupt and only want what is in their best interests, not the will of the people. It’s all about who will make money and not what the people want. People wonder why the Republican Party is dying, and this is a major reason right here.

Do you think the RNC is pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes, looking as if they care or will they pull the carpet out from under Trump to side with the anti-Trumpers when it comes closer to the convention? Share your comments below and share this on Twitter and Facebook.

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  1. Keith says:

    “our party members have selected Trump to represent them”

    Not by Republicans and Conservatives.
    It was the 12 million democrats that voted for him in the primary that will vote for Hillary in the general that selected him.

    Is Wayne Dupree so foolish as to believe the tripe he writes?

    You’ve been hoodwinked by the low life lying liberals and don’t even realize it.

    “This ongoing diatribe makes you look weak and whiny”

    Why don’t man up and make an attempt of reporting the truth rather than your lying liberal blather.
    Doing what’s best for the future of our nation is not being “weak and whiny”, it takes courage and conviction to take a stance, something you obviously do not posses.

    Trump will NEVER be president. It would beyond foolish to even think such.
    If Trump becomes the nominee his good friend Hillary wins the presidency and that guaranteed.
    A vote for Trump IS a vote for Hillary!

    #NeverTrump NEVER!!!

  2. Gary says:

    I would never trust the RNC. We are going to have to do this the peoples way. Just go vote and then deal with your choice. If you don’t like the outcome change it.

  3. tommy says:

    These guys really want Hilary to win !!!!!!!!!!!


    I sent this email to Unbound Delegates , and I think we all should flood their inbox !!!!!!

    Dear delegates unbound , shouldn’t we be uniting around the winner Trump and make sure he beats Hilary so we don’t continue to see this ?????????????????????????????

    Idaho ‘rape’: Obama prosecutor ‘silencing Americans with threats of arrest’


  4. Cathy says:

    Looks to me the rnc is more for the dnc. Time to take back our country from these elitist that wants to ruin our once great country