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Breaking: Screen Legend Sir Christopher Lee Dies; Relive His Incredible Career!

Christopher Lee

It’s a sad day for anybody who loves the movies: Sir Christopher Lee has died at the age of 93.

He appeared in over 280 film and TV productions, and was working up ’till the day he died. Lee has recently been cast opposite Uma Thurman in an upcoming drama about 9/11.

Before entering the movies, Sir Christopher was an aristocrat and all-round bad ass. He hunted Nazis during the Second World War with the SAS. Oh, and he recorded a couple of heavy metal rock albums, one of which was released when he was 92.

Of course, Lee is most famous for playing such iconic roles as Count Dracula, the wizard Saruman, and Bond baddie Francisco Scaramanga. He appeared in the Star Wars and Gremlins franchises too, in a career spanning 60 years.

If you need a reminder of what a colossus Lee was during the golden age of Hollywood and beyond, then take a peak at this video, which shows his famous roles:


So long, Sir Christopher. You’ll never be forgotten.


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