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BREAKING: Senate Rejects Obama, Passes Keystone XL Pipeline


In defiance of President Barack Obama, the Senate passed legislation Thursday to approve the Keystone XL pipeline. This will be the first bill passed by the Republican-controlled Senate which will be vetoed by Obama… one of many to come.

Senate Republicans called up the Keystone bill as the first piece of legislation in the new Senate, and gave the Senate a different look by allowing consideration of several amendments to the bill throughout January.

The Senate failed to advance it earlier in the week, but after several more days and several more amendments, the Senate was able to win over enough Democratic votes and pass it. The final vote was 62-36, and only 51 were needed for passage.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) said earlier in the day that it’s time to pass the common-sense bill that Republicans and even many Democrats support.

“Constructing Keystone would pump billions into our economy. It would support thousands of good American jobs,” McConnell said. “And as the president’s own State Department has indicated, it would do this with minimal environmental impact.”

“So let’s make some progress for the American people by voting to pass the Keystone jobs and infrastructure bill,” he added.

via The Blaze

This pipeline would create thousands of jobs, and decrease our dependence on foreign oil. Gas prices can’t stay this low forever, and increasing our supply of oil produced from North America is essential for economic prosperity.

It is unfortunate that Obama is so rigid in his green-ideology, that he is willing to stop it even after his own State Department reported that it would be environmentally safe.

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  1. nancy says:

    By passing this bill it will cause more job loss then ever , The truckers will lose jobs ,the trains too, also the USA will stop growing .Taking things away does not work ! Haven’t you seen how bad everything got , the Dow Jones will drop Banks will close the USA will have one hell of a mess on there hands people will starve ,there will be more crime ,What are you thinking,taxes will go up, and with No Jobs people of the USA will be hurting bad,,, Our Government is working for us not against us ,and that’s what will happen if this bill goes through. Haven’t you got it yet ,by taking away what you already have will be your biggest down fall open your EYES AND SEE THE BIG PICTURE , don’t do as Monkey see Monkey do , just because some one wants it look at it long and hard and you will see that it will hurt everyone and everything if this goes through, Please don’t do this….

  2. Toodumtu says:

    I doubt that the Congress will garner enough votes to override a veto on this bill. If past history is any indicator, what with the white flag waving leadership in Congress, they don’t have the cajoines amoungst the lot to get the job done.

  3. Michael says:

    Great Job, Now is the time to move America forward.

  4. Steve says:

    I have various opinions of Obama but I seriously doubt that he has the best interest of America in his mind when things like this pipeline come up. It was held up so long by Harry Reid and his cohorts and now it’s going to veto’d by Obama?? Maybe the Saudi’s don’t want it passed?? He’s awfully good friends with them. Either way, my opinion is the man is a blooming idiot & had not the slighted bit of business sense in his whole body. The sooner we’re rid of this cancer, the better we will be.