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BREAKING: Ted Cruz Just Made A MASSIVE 2016 Endorsement!

Marco Rubio

Texas Senator Ted Cruz has just made a bombshell 2016 endorsement, and no it’s not in support of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

Instead, the Tea Party favorite has announced his support for Florida Senator Marco Rubio after he decided to run for reelection in November.

From Politico:

“Marco is a friend and has been an ally in many battles we have fought together in the Senate,” the Texas senator said in a statement. “I’m glad to support him in his bid for re-election.”

“Marco is a tremendous communicator and a powerful voice for the American Dream,” Cruz continued. “At this time of great challenges, we very much need strong leaders in the Senate who will fight to restore economic growth, to defend our constitutional liberties, and to ensure a strong national security for our nation.”

Rubio announced earlier Wednesday that he had reversed his previous decision and would run for his Senate seat, two days before the filing deadline.

Do you think that Cruz’s endorsement of Rubio will help him win reelection in November? Share your thoughts below! 



  1. Mark says:

    Marco cannot be trusted. Gang of eight, Amnesty, Failure to do his job as Senator, and Failure to support our nominee, Donald Trump.

    Vote for Ron DeSantis!!! Send Rubio home.

  2. montanagirl100 says:

    Here we go again… the two pre-schoolers who banded together to trash and bash Trump and it all back-fired on them because they are NOT fit for the Presidency as Trump is. Neither one were able to walk in Trumps shoes. They are NOT what Americans are about. Americans are about Love of Country, Strength, Power, Resourcefulness and Business successes.

    1. Keith says:

      Trump is a liar and a fraud supported by the most foolish people in America.

      Everything you wrote was ass backwards because you are 180 degrees out of sync with reality just like brain dead liberals.

      You’re a liberal Fool-Aid intoxicated brain dead Branch Trumpidian that does not deserve to reside in this great nation.

  3. Marilyn says:

    Too bad he was hardly ever there, to debate or vote. He said it himself. Not just running for president but stuff with his kids, mother sick, you know, personal stuff. It is just another thing that shows you what kind of work ethic these career politicians have. If he were running a business it would definitely fail.