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Thousands Of Illegal Voters Participating In Today’s Primary!


As voters in 5 states vote today, thousands of 17-year-old’s in the state of Ohio are illegally voting in the primary after a judge ruled them eligible as long as they turned 18 by the General Election!

This is outrageous! In a state like Ohio where both the Democrats and Republicans are locked in a contentious battle, the winner could be decided by children who should not be allowed to vote yet!

From Fox 8:

For the first time, 17-year-olds will be able to cast a vote in an Ohio presidential primary election. The move comes after a Franklin County judge ruled in favor of a lawsuit, asking for the change.

Ohio’s Secretary of State John Husted says he does not agree with the decision, but he will abide by it. Many people see it as a victory for Democrat Bernie Sanders, who tends to attract younger voters.

“Seventeen-year-olds’ votes will be counted in the presidential primary, it’s the first time something like that’s ever happened in the state of Ohio,” said Husted.

Husted said he will follow a judge’s ruling handed down last week that will allow 17-year-old voters to cast a ballot in the state’s presidential primary election, as long as they turn 18 by the general election in November.

“We decided not to appeal that ruling just because it was going to come so late in the process, that we would be giving boards of elections different rules at the 11th hour,” said Husted.

Husted says eligible 17-year-olds have always been allowed to vote in Ohio primaries, just not for certain items, like issues, levies or the election of delegates.

“I’m just excited that these 17-year-olds…we want to welcome them into the political process, that’s great, I’m glad they’re engaged, let’s just let ’em vote, however they vote is great,” said David Pepper, chairman of the Ohio Democratic Party.

Pepper agrees with the decision.

State Republican Chairman Matt Borges says he wishes the issue had been decided earlier in the election cycle, but he accepts the ruling.

“I guess there’s a couple of Bernie Sanders high school kids who will be excited about the opportunity to do that and maybe some 17-year-olds that are looking forward to voting in the Republican primary will be smart enough to vote for John Kasich,” Borges said.

“People around the world from China, Europe, all across the globe, South America are interested in what’s going on in Ohio because they know that the outcome of this race is going to affect their countries,” said Husted.

The outcome in the Buckeye State is important for both sides, but even more so for Republicans, where the winner takes all.

“We’ve never sent a Republican to the White House without carrying Ohio, so the candidate that gives us the best chance to do that is someone who has shown he can win big here and has won big here and that’s John Kasich,” Borges said.

“One person will win by some amount, but the way our side works, is…it’s proportional, so it will be pretty even,” said Pepper.

Husted said he hopes in the future, the issue will be clarified by the state legislature. Husted also predicts the excitement over the Ohio primary will cause robust, if not record, voter turnout on Tuesday.

Should we¬†be concerned about thousands of illegal voters participating in today’s election? Share your thoughts below!!


Comments on “Thousands Of Illegal Voters Participating In Today’s Primary!”

  1. Mandm says:

    OK, I can Understand that they are not going to block this as Unconstitutional, which it is, but why not start those proceedings for maybe the next time this comes up. I want this stopped, and should not be allowed. Wha is the Democrats doing to this country?