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Breaking: Trump’s Top Pick For VP Running Mate REVEALED?!?!

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If this is true and Sen. Tom Cotton is a possibility, that would be a huge pick for the presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump. Cotton is a rising star within the GOP and he’s feisty. Cotton has had his run-ins with Senate Minority leader Harry Reid and he is one tough cookie who doesn’t back down.

I have watched him on a number of occasions speak on the floor the Senate and he is no pushover. If it is true that Cotton is someone Trump is thinking about, Cotton also brings military experience and discipline to the vice presidential role.

But one thing is for sure, Chris Christie would be the golden nugget if he is nominated as the vice presidential pick. I will always like to have a governor in either the roles of President or vice president because they have the experience of dealing with things in an executive role on a daily basis. I know some people out there want Sen. Jeff Sessions and I even like Sessions, but the Senate is too fragile at this time to take out conservative leaders that we need to do battle in the future.

From Newsmax:

Donald Trump revealed Thursday that Gov. Chris Christie and Sen. Tom Cotton are “high on the list” when prompted by radio host Hugh Hewitt to say whether one of them could be his running mate this fall.

The presumptive GOP presidential nominee confirmed that the two high-profile Republicans likely would be considered “for something,” although Trump wouldn’t go so far as to say what role, if any, either might play.

“I do have a lot of respect for those two guys,” Trump told Hewitt, according to a transcript of the show. “But I have a lot of respect for others, also.”

The former reality television start wouldn’t divulge who else he’s considering for significant roles in the campaign or later should he win the White House.

Arkansas Sen. Cotton, a rising star in the GOP who Trump called “a very talented guy,” announced his support for Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont in January, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

Cotton, a former Army Ranger who served in combat and graduate of Harvard Law School, declined to pile on Trump as many high-profile Republicans mounted a chorus of criticism of the neophyte candidate last winter. Cotton, the youngest U.S. senator at 39, avoided making any early endorsements in the GOP primary, according to Politico.

Cotton is from Arkansas while Christy is from New Jersey and I don’t live in either of those states. I don’t know if they are dangerous picks but I do consider them solid.

How do you feel about Cotton or Christie as Donald Trump’s vice president? It’s all speculation and wishing right now but sooner or later hopefully sooner we’ll be finding out exactly who trump is going to pick. Share your opinions below in the comments section this story to your Facebook or Twitter timeline.


Comments on “Breaking: Trump’s Top Pick For VP Running Mate REVEALED?!?!”

  1. Deniece says:

    If He chooses Christie he can kiss the presidency goodbye.