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Breitbart Reporter Calls Transgender Reporter ‘Sir’ – That’s When All Hell Broke Loose


Regarding a debate over Caitlyn Jenner’s ESPY award for courage, transgender reporter Zoey Tur and Breitbart’s Ben Shapiro engaged in a rather heated discussion over genetics.

During the HLN debate, Shapiro downplayed Jenner’s alleged courage rather swiftly, saying his 18-month-old baby had managed to self-identify, and nobody has given him an award.

Tur, actually agreed that Jenner didn’t deserve the award, but did say that the whole ‘Caitlyn’ story was one of bravery.

Shapiro however, spent a majority of the debate referring to Jenner in male pronouns, an apparent sin in liberal spheres.  He explained that no matter what Jenner has done to his appearance or body, “every chromosome, every cell in Caitlyn Jenner’s body, is male.”

“Facts don’t care about your feelings,” he explained.

Tur took exception, grabbing Shapiro by the shoulder, clearly trying to intimidate him. When Tur challenged Shapiro’s knowledge of genetics, Shapiro shot back, “What are your genetics, sir?

That’s when the wheels fell off the interview.

Via Mediaite:

“We both know chromosomes don’t necessarily mean you’re male or female,” Tur replied, and then put her hand on Shapiro’s shoulder. “So you don’t know what you’re talking about, you’re not educated on genetics.” That prompted Shapiro to ask: “What are your genetics, sir?”

And off we go. “You cut that out now, or you’ll go home in an ambulance,” Tur shot back while holding Shapiro by the back of his neck. The rest of the show’s guests then explained to Shapiro how he knew full-well his use of “sir” was meant to be inflammatory, but he was not moved. “It’s not a matter of aggressively insulting,” he said. “The entire discussion is whether we are embracing mental illness and delusion as a society.”

When the conversation resumed after a commercial break, the fire hadn’t subsided. Tur told Shapiro, “You’re consumed with hatred,” after the conservative commentator denied any ill will towards the transgender community. “You’re a little man,” she added. “Little boy.”

Watch the intense exchange below…

Had the tables been turned here and Shapiro threatened to send the transgendered Tur “home in an ambulance,” his career would have been ended and he’d be the subject of constant threats from the LGBT community.

Little will be made of this however, because Shapiro is a conservative.

Comment – What do you make of Tur’s threat of violence? Was Shapiro being provocative? Did he deserve the physical and verbal threats from Tur? Would he be out of a job if he threatened violence against the transgender reporter?



  1. Linda says:

    It’s like this you mentally ill perverted whack job. I may go to the hospital but you’ll go to jail. Who the hell does that POS think he is to threaten someone like that for telling the truth BRUCE JENNER IS A MAN, AND SO IS THAT POS. And to think they are going to let these confused sick POS in the military openly.

  2. David says:

    If i was a reporter and who cares He grab my neck I would suckerpunch his/her face right this minute.

  3. John says:

    I’m sorry but if someone decide to transition because of their feelings and how they identify why does it bother people so much it has nothing to do with you….. And to be intentionally rude to someone is wrong ….. Nobody is asking them to sleep with or date or anything like that so how does it effect you and give you the right to be rude ….. If you want to bring god into the topic I think it says something somewhere about not judging and leaving that job to him….. God never said be rude and mean the God I learned about was about love ….. For a man who is Jewish and how the poor Jewish people have been treated through history you would think there would be more compassion ….. Just a thought

  4. Randy says:

    Did anybody catch that the person in the middle threatened the life of the person on the right?

  5. Karen says:

    No amount of makeup, surgeries to remove adams apple, ribs, etc. to slenderize face and body to a more feminine appearance, no amount of hair stylists and wigs, no amount of fashion consultants can alter a man dressed as a woman. That is merely a guy playing dressup – and deciding to do it publically does not take courage sufficient for a national award! There were many an athlete at that event that were far more deserving! Jenner has not had the big surgery (removal of male parts), so that then comes down to what is he sexually? A lesbian interested in women, a transvestite/gay looking for men, what? Whatever he is, he is rich and able to pursue whatever he wants in the spotlight amid vast array of atta-boys and atta-girls, in our oh so PC environment.

  6. Ray says:


  7. Wesley says:

    We might as well have our junk removed, the way we are getting raped.

  8. Steve says:

    Military working bravely in war zones – courage!!!
    Men having junk removed because they ‘feel’ they are women – stupid!!!

    1. Pasquale says:

      And attempting to bully me to accept this insanity. Time to exercise our Unalienable rights.

  9. Harry says:

    Having your junk removed doesn’t make you a lady. It makes you a dude who has no Junk.

  10. Maryann says:

    I would not trust them with children.

  11. barbara says:

    Having surgery and dressing as a woman does not make you a woman. It makes you delusional. Nor does it make you brave, it makes you silly for if you actually believe the rational world will ever see you as a woman you are totally delusional and need help. It also signifies to the people who are well grounded with reality that you have issues with honesty and truth.

  12. Carolyn says:

    If you are born a boy when you grow up your a man,If you still are not sure if you are a man.GET HELP YOUR SICK.If you are a man that likes to wear a dress and makeup no one should bully you for that.But you should not bully anyone else for calling you sir,because that is what you are.So all you transvestites stop your bulling.

  13. Christine says:

    ” Vice is a monster of horrible mein that just to be hated is to be seen. But, seen too oft, familiar with it’s face we first endure and then embrace.” (author unknown) I do not have to become more tolerant. Nor do I have to accept deviant behavior just b/c others do. I don’t go around telling people I’m a straight female so I don’t expect others to tell me they’re gay or transgender or anything else. Who the heck cares? If we ignore Jenner maybe he’ll go away.

  14. Paul says:

    That dude is disgusting. Mr. Tur. What a freak. Eeewwwww. Sickening. Get help Bro.

  15. Ted says:

    This MAN will never be a ” pretty woman!”

  16. Rick says:

    We DON’T need to be more accepting of abnormal behavior. We need to detest it as we do.

  17. Steve says:

    turd= just another embarrassment to AMERICA just like bruce jenner

  18. merlin says:

    The reporter should have asked do you have a penis or vagina between your legs. From what I have heard Bruce Jenner still has his.

  19. Mark says:

    PC bull crap

  20. Tina says:

    Wow the dude in the dress threatens the reporter for telling the truth,, so over this dressing like a woman when your dingle berries and nuts are hanging.. I want to hear about the 4 Marines who were killed by a scum bucket in TN.

  21. Henry says:

    Violence is never appropriate, unless you are a leftist. In that case any intimidation or violence toward anyone who says something you don’t like is just fine.

  22. Michael says:

    This discussion= horse hockey

  23. Marta says:

    WOW, threatening bodily harm isn’t very lady-like, is it?

  24. Micheal says:

    the minute that thing put hands on me and mentioned the “ambulance” , it’s would’ve been sitting on it’s ass on the other side of the room

    1. Paul says:

      If that deviant fruitcake laif a pinky on me, he’d be waking up next Wednesday, if ever. Vile nasty, disease spreading freak.

  25. Gary says:

    I think Tur’s testosterone along with his Adam’s Apple was showing and actually arrested for his physical attack on Shapiro. (Born a Him, always a Him – Born a Her always a Her)