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After Brexit, Sarah Palin Just Pissed Off Liberals In A HUGE WAY!


The United Nations’ main purpose these days is working on climate change, global warming and taxing the United States. When they can make it rain in Ethiopia, then perhaps we can take them seriously. They have become a useless organization to which they were originally chartered for, and America needs to stop being its purse!

Former VP candidate and Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is correct! The UN is made up of dictators, despots, murderers and rapists and we are paying them. Dump the fools in the middle of the Atlantic and let them swim home.

As a country, we have a constitution to follow. It’s worked for a few hundred years even as liberals are trying to tear it up. America needs to take care of America first for a change.

From Daily Mail:

Sarah Palin has congratulated the UK on voting to leave the European Union and has urged the United States to emulate the spirit of their transatlantically and leave the United Nations.

The former Governor of Alaska posted a picture of Margaret Thatcher on Facebook and quoted the former prime minister and conservative hero writing, ‘liberty is fundamental’.

Praising the ‘smart’ British for their leap into the dark with the so-called Brexit, Palin declared voters in the UK had turned away from the ‘apocalyptic One World Government.’

Palin then appeared to compare erroneously the European Union – a political and economic union of 28-nation states – to the United Nations – which is the diplomatic body of 193-nations set up to promote global peace after World War Two.

She demanded the United States extricate itself from the UN, which ‘dissolves a nation’s self determination and sovereignty.’

The reports I am seeing now are lots of scare tactics and threats. Nothing but bullies. They only are concerned about your hard-earned money and taking control of the people of your country! I pray the British people remain strong. Calling for another vote is absurd. British people if you think you had any rights under this agreement just look at the coercion going on now! Look at all the revenue leaving your country and the trade is not a fair trade!

I plead to the free nations, the free people, to back the British people who want their sovereignty! Respect it! I was very young but if memory serves me…Miss Thatcher would be proud. I miss her.

The U.N. no longer has the respect it used to. Now it’s a tool politicians will use to protect the rich and screw everyone else. Nice try big government, this ain’t Rome, dump the UN!!

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  1. Alan says:

    Right on Sarah. Get the UN out of the US and the US out of the UN.

  2. Frank says:

    Sarah is right!

    Get the US out of the UN!

    Get the UN out of the US!