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BREAKING: After Brexit, THESE Two States Want To Secede!


Looks like globalism is taking a huge hit after the UK voted to leave the European Union. Isn’t that a good thing? Down with the idea of a New World Order or shall I say there’s a new world order called Freedom!

Texas and California, advocates for secession, are raising their hands up trying to gain an audience of public opinion.

Why just Texas and California? All states should have the option to become a sovereignty but, it would be easier to get rid of Washington D.C. or at least all the dictators there. If Texas leaves, how long before other States follow?

Texas is the ONLY state that was its  own country and joined the Union. Texas fought Mexico for its independence and won if need be we will fight for independence from the United States government. We are not stupid rednecks we just have no interest in losing more rights under a socialist corrupt government with a dictator instead of a president.


From Newsmax:

The Brexit vote has boosted calls for secession in Texas and California, according to a report in The Washington Times.

Britain’s vote to cut ties with the European Union shows “there is a choice for people out there,” Texas Nationalist Movement leader Daniel Miller said.

Miller said that, after Brexit, supporters around the U.S. have contacted his group looking for information about states separating from the United States.

“We’re looking across the Atlantic and witnessing what to many is this surprising Euroskeptic movement,” Miller said. “What’s the most surprising is now the rearing of its head of the Ameroskeptic movement, or the federal skeptic movement.”

Hashtags on social media included #Texit, #Calexit and #NHexit, some of which were likely joking, the Times reported. But the interest led to a comment by likely Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

“Texas would never do that if I’m president,” Trump said.

The Texas Tribune found that Texas has no right to secede from the U.S. because of a Supreme Court ruling in 1869. The state could, however, divide into five states.

“Yes California,” the California independence movement has gained more interest, according to the Times report.

Louis Marinelli, its leader, said that Brexit shows that secession is possible today, and it’s not an antiquated Civil War-era idea.

“Now they have a modern day example of how it can happen peacefully and legally and constitutionally, and that’s the path and process we intend to mimic here in California,” he said.

If Texas wants to leave, let them go. There is zero reason why this needs to be an issue. Being their sovereign country doesn’t mean we can’t continue to peacefully trade and travel. Smaller governments across the country can only benefit personal freedoms.

If Texas leaves, I have no problem switching my allegiance to Texas. Texas believes in what The United States used to.

Is this out of the realm of possibility? Will this happen? Share your comments below and let know what you think? Then share this on your timeline and see what your friends say!



  1. Carlos says:

    All states should follow Texas Lead and that will leave Washington D.C., which is not a state, leaving OBAMA with his CROWN upset down on his head and his finger up his butt!

  2. David says:

    Why would Cali secede? The current Fed Gov is perfectly aligned with Cali’s BIG GOV, NANNY STATE policies. Texas and other RED STATES however MUST SECEDE, if they wish to retain their rights, freedom, religion, economy, and way of life.

  3. Alan says:

    I would hope that many of the Red States would join in.

  4. rsbeckwell says:

    Western Maryland also has its secessionists. The Eastern Shore shows grumbling as well. Why? there are 23 counties (+ Baltimore) in Maryland, but only 5 (plus Baltimore) that control the political landscape. These are the heaviest populated areas and are overwhelmingly Democratic. The rest of the State feels that they have no say and are routinely ignored by Annapolis. With good reason.

  5. Brian says:

    Time for states to consider secession. The federal government has exceeded its authority and trampled states rights violating the compact with the states! Time for states with traditional values to band together and form their own compact! Let the Progressive states disarm their citizens and allow a takeover by illegals and Muslims. The new compact will be armed, free, and common sense traditional values will be the cornerstone of the new compact. The progressive segment who disagree will be free to immigrate to the Progressive states of America.