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Brilliant! When a Thug Held These Students at Gunpoint, He Never Expected This Outcome!

Kentrail H. May, 21, realized too late that he made a mistake when he tried to rob a group of three Old Dominion students.

According to local reports, May approached a group of three students in a public area, drew a gun and demanded belongings from the suspects.

The three victims weren’t very accommodating. They managed to disarm the suspect and delivered quite the beating to May. When authorities arrived they found a bloodied and bruised May. Police took May into custody without further incident.
college beating
May is charged with three counts attempted robbery, three counts use of a firearm in the commission of a felony and one count malicious wounding. The group of students suffered only superficial injuries in the fight against May.

Check out this footage:

What did you think of these college students? They made out okay, right? I am happy they stood up for themselves but times are very tough out here. Drop us a comment below on this story and share on Facebook and Twitter.