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Brothers Separated for Years Find Each Other… AT THE POOL! (VIDEO)


These two brothers who had never met each other – Isaac Nolting and Dakotah Zimmer – are similar in so many ways. They walk alike, have the same interests, and they even like the same video games.

Who knew that they’d both be splashing around the local swimming pool in Washington, MO., on the same day, only to discover that they were brothers? Incredible!

Every summer, Dawn Nolting buys her 12-year-old son Isaac a pool pass, and drops him off to swim with his friends. In June, Isaac was hanging out, when he met a friend-of-a-friend, 13-year-old Dakotah Zimmer. The kids at the pool in Washington, Mo., noticed that Isaac and Dakotah looked an awful lot alike – they have the same hands, the same feet, the same nose, the same haircut – they even walk alike.

That night, Isaac sat on the edge of his mom’s bed, and asked if they could talk. Someone asked if they were brothers. Dakotah said he had a brother he had never met who was adopted by a woman named Dawn. “That’s my mom’s name,” Isaac said.

“He looked at me with his big, black eyes and asked, ‘Mom, am I adopted?’” recalls Dawn, 42, a manager at a dry-cleaning company. “I said, ‘What makes you think that?’ And he said, ‘Because I think I found my brother.’”


via Today

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What an incredible story! It is so nice to see these brothers reunited.