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Brutal Attack on an Officer Nearly Ended in Tragedy… Then His K-9 Changed His Fate!


They say dogs are man’s best friend and that couldn’t be more true than in this terrifying tale of an attack on a police officer.

Hancock County Sheriff Deputy Todd Frazier noticed a parked vehicle at a rest stop while on duty Monday night. As he approached the vehicle to speak to the passenger, two men emerged from the woods. It was then that Frazier tripped while walking backwards, rendering him momentarily defenseless.

The suspects beat the deputy, cut him with a box cutter, and dragged him into the woods. Fellow deputies say that’s where they must have been planning to dispose of the body.

One thing Frazier was able to do during his attack was press the button that releases his K-9 partner, Lucas. It is not known how many times Lucas, the black Belgian Malinois was able to bite the suspects as he chased them, but he was reportedly covered in blood when they found him.


Watch Hancock County Sheriff explain the terrifying scene below:

H/T: Fox News

Can you believe how narrowly this deputy escaped with his life? I can only hope these disgusting criminals are caught and brought to the justice they deserve…

This just proves why dogs are some of the best animal companions in existence! Like and share if you enjoyed this story!