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Loser Caught on Camera Bullying a BLIND Student… Moments Later, He Gets What He Deserves


A tough guy at Huntington Beach High School in southern California thought he had the perfect kid to bully in his school – a blind classmate.

Turns out, the bully should really re-evaluate his life choices.

He probably will after this video, which shows another student coming to the rescue and absolutely flooring the aggressor with one shot.

(WARNING: Graphic Language, Mild Violence)

Via the Daily News:

A California teenager is being hailed a hero after he rushed to the defense of a blind classmate and knocked a purported school bully to the ground.

Shocking video of the fight, recorded by a bystander, shows the teen tormenter repeatedly beating his blind peer on the head.

Another student quickly leaps in, stopping the pounding with a single punch.

The hit leaves the bully bleeding on the ground.

The YouTube description of the video reads: “Low life scumbag who punches a blind kid gets what he deserves.”

It has received nearly 500,000 views as of the time of this posting.

Comment: Did the bully get what he deserves for trying to beat up a blind kid?



  1. Ronald says:

    Strange that the smackdown of a bully is not acceptable, but videos of beating of whites at the hands of blacks is just fine. Sad.

  2. Jackie says:

    I love that the hero went back to check on the bully and help him up. The bully got what he deserved, and then he got better than he deserved.