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Bully Tries to Attack a Woman on the Subway. But a Man Saves the Day, in the Perfect Way! (VIDEO)

Oh the problems of public transportation. Dirty seats and rails with germs everywhere. The smell of homeless people. Trains off schedule. It can be a nightmare in any city.

For this woman (above), her trip had an unexpected problem: A bully, who would threaten her and was ready to attack.

It would have been an awful, violent situation – if not for the help of one man. And he solved the problem in 2 seconds, with quick thinking. And the bad guy walks away ashamed and embarrassed.

H/T: 22 Words



  1. Sean says:

    That was smooth. Love it.

  2. Daniel says:

    HOW EVER did he pull down the assailant’s pants so rapidly?? WOW