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Undercover Cop Poses As Fast Food Worker, What Happened Next Was EPIC!

Burger King drugs

Would you like fries with those handcuffs?

An undercover police officer posed as a Burger King restaurant employee for nearly two months to expose an alleged drug dealing ring at the place of business. Nobody on staff knew she was a cop, so everything went according to plan. Officer Nicole Fair was able to bust two co-workers during her stint which is a success in my opinion.

Regardless of how much it yielded in seized drugs or how many arrests were made they still made the effort to do something about it. Good police work here, though results may vary from time to time. I don’t mind my tax dollars going to these operations because at least they are trying to get something done.

From Yahoo News:

The officer who went undercover was Nicole Fair, who joined the Thurmont, Maryland, police department in July.

Around the same time, the police department started hearing rumors that people were selling drugs in the parking lot of the local Burger King.

So the department asked Fair — who wasn’t well known enough in the community to be recognized — to go undercover.

Fair applied for a job at the Thurmont Burger King with a résumé that excluded her law enforcement experience, according to The News-Post. Burger King hired her in August.

During Fair’s tenure at Burger King, two workers sold her drugs: Tommy Lee Miller, 23, of Thurmont, and Jonathan Brook Moser, 28, of Emmitsburg, according to police.

Miller and Moser were arrested in September. Miller was charged with the possession and distribution of marijuana, and Moser was charged with the sale of both marijuana and morphine, according to police.

Possessing under 10 grams of marijuana in Maryland isn’t a criminal offense — meaning it doesn’t result in an arrest, jail time, or a criminal record. A first offense carries a fine of $100.

The charges, therefore, were a result of the workers selling the drugs to the officer.

Some people have criticized the department for spending so much time on a bust that turned up such a small amount of drugs.

Liberals want us to think the Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton will be tough on crime, yet there are some patrons not happy with the police work getting these results:

I don’t see why everyone is getting so worked up. The police officers received information that there were drugs being dealt from the parking lot of the store. They looked into it and thought there might be something to it and it didn’t pan out. Nobody bats a thousand.

How do you feel about this sting? Do you feel it was a waste? Do you agree with the dissenters? Share your comments below and let us know what you think.

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