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BURN! CNN’s Jake Tapper Just Destroyed Democrats With One Epic Tweet!


It’s not very often you hear somebody in the mainstream media make a frank comment on diversity problems in the Democrat party. But that’s exactly what happened when CNN’s Jake Tapper engaged with a Democrat stooge on Twitter.

Interjecting himself into a conversation on gender disparity on Sunday shows, Media Matters own Oliver Willis decided to go with the race angle, mentioning a lack of racial disparity.

Tapper, who now hosts a Sunday morning show called State of the Union, blasted back.

Here is the epic exchange …

Whoops. That had to sting.

Not only is a reporter from the mainstream media pointing out that the “entire Democratic field is white,” but he then has to turn to Republican candidates to point out the diversity of his guests.

Tapper could have also thrown in Jindal and Fiorina, both minority-wise and gender-wise respectively, to highlight the diversity in the Republican field.

Still, Fox News contributor and New York Times bestselling author Tammy Bruce, responded to the Twitter exchange saying, “Yes, @jaketapper just won Twitter.”

Indeed he did.