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Business Removes ‘Bacon’ Sign After One Muslim Complains It’s Offensive

Sneakers Bistro, a business in Winooski, Vermont, recently removed a sign advertising bacon, when they received a single complaint from a Muslim woman who found the sign ‘insensitive.’

The woman said that because she does not consume pork, the bacon sign was “personally offensive.”

Here is the offending and insensitive sign:


The woman made the complaint in a forum discussing diversity. In response, the business owners removed the sign, personally reached out to the woman, and apologized saying they “regret any harm caused by the sign” and never meant “to cause stress or bad feelings.”

Watch the WPTZ report below…

Several residents said that while they admire Sneakers’ attempt at placating everybody, it was not necessary to remove the sign.

One even pointed out the obvious, saying that bacon is not an offensive term rather, it’s a word used to describe food.

All of this begs an obvious question. Winooski has a population of over 7,000. If one person amongst 7,000 manages to get a sign removed because it’s offensive, while the other 6,999 people take no issue, how is this being diverse?

It also begs one more question.

How can bacon possibly cause stress when it’s so damn good?





  1. James says:

    They must have a heart attack if there was a Bar-B-Que being advertised. We have to get some common sense. Stop pandering to these idiots.

  2. Kathy says:

    The person that complained offends me deeply. I demand that she be removed immediately. If that would happen just once….maybe this bs would end. What is the matter with people? Land of the Free?…..only if you comply with the thought process of every other single individual that is breathing the same air. Common sense tells you that does not have a smidgen of a possibility to have happened or will ever happen. If you would just shut the hell up, live your own life, not comment or make it your personal mission to control the thoughts or actions of others then you might actually enjoy the time you have here. Wouldn’t kill you to try it for just one week.

  3. Ronald says:

    I am sorry, we American out number them. Why do we have too give up our rights over too them? I think it is time to start throwing bacon and ham (i know, it’s a waste of good bacon and ham) on their sites. It might be a small start. But a stand needs too be made.

  4. Tam says:

    well someone remind me not to eat there…. bunch of cowarding wussies!

  5. Gilbert says:

    ..you know what,this is America,Bacon goes in hand in hand like hot dogs and baseball. last time I check, this is a free country.. …let the religion wars begins.. MUSLIM VS. CHRISTIANS…who do you think is going to win…..got bacon????

  6. Martin says:

    Really?? SO we have to ban all signs that indicate they have pork ( Jews would be offended) and Beef ( hamburgers, steaks) because Hindus would be offended, and eggs ( vegetarians could be offended).
    This is beyond ridiculous!
    What happened to common courtesies, respect for everyone’s rights to choose their own path.
    this woman could avoid seeing the sign or not patronize the restaurant.. just like many of us do for those things that bother our sensibilities..