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This CA Police Department Just Got A Crazy New Weapon To Fight Crime (WATCH)


In California, the Anderson Police Department has decided to adopt “nunchucks” over the traditional police baton because it provides them with additional options for restraining suspects.

“These were kind of designed with a different goal in mind to be more of a control weapon, but like I said, it’s not like we can’t use these as an impact weapon,” Anderson Police Sergeant Andrew Day explained. “They work really good as an impact weapon, but we try to emphasis a control tool over impact.”

The Department will now use a weapon known for taking years of training just to become proficient – and believes a simple one-week training course will get officers up to speed. Yeah, one week.

Nunchucks are illegal for residents of California, but there is an exception for police officers who think they are martial arts masters.

Check out this video report:

I know in their heads, these officers believe they look like Bruce Lee while using the nunchucks, but don’t tell them I actually think they better go back to yielding batons. It suits them better.

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  1. Sid says:

    From experience I know the first few months people train with nunchucks the most likely thing they are to do is knock themselves out and if they end up against someone trained in say aikido they are only going to hurt themselves.

  2. Rick says:

    lol…he has an asswhooping in his near future