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Wyoming Students Win Big Religious Freedom Victory!


There was a time in America when everybody prayed prior to a meal. Now prayer has all but been outlawed in our society as too offensive.

Well, the godless left has suffered another setback in their war against religion thanks to this announcement!

A high school in Wyoming is allowing students to continue their cafeteria prayer circle, after a Christian group threatened legal action for disbanding them on the grounds that they were allegedly forcing their religion on others.

Via Fox News Insider:

Christian group Alliance Defending Freedom threatened legal action against Glendo High School after students complained they weren’t allowed to pray before their meal.

The principal even allegedly accused the prayer circle of forcing religion on their students.

The group said cafeterias aren’t religion-free zones and that people can leave if they don’t want to hear it.

The district sent a letter to ADF admitting their error and notifying the group that the students could resume praying.

Atheists lose again.

Watch the whole story here:


Comment: What do you think? Should students be allowed to pray in school? Share your thoughts below.


Comments on “Wyoming Students Win Big Religious Freedom Victory!”

  1. Sam says:

    THOUGHTS ON ATHEISM October 2014 by Samuel A. Nigro,MD copyright c 2014.
    For most, atheism is trying to prove a negative by simplified nihilism about incredible nature and supernature, obvious to all conscious-of-consciouness creatures trying to make sense of the universe who conclude that there is more than this craziness on earth. Basically, the universe is the entropy necessary for Love capable creatures returning to the pre-Big Bang-pre-Universe Statimuum of a Loving God whose Love would naturally require the creation of creatures capable of returning back the Him. You cannot “earn” it but you can screw it up. You will get what you are: a creature trying to be Transcendent: truth, oneness, good and beauty, lived in Eternity by focusing on the Catholic Mass Mantra of: “Life, Sacrifice, Virtue, Love, Humanity, Peace, Freedom and Death without Fear”; or a creature in hell living over and over against oneself, one’s own non-being anti-transcendent acts perpetrated on earth against Love now received back on oneself in Justice served. Jesus is a 2 X 4 up side the head saying, “There is more!” Atheists just do not want anyone telling them they are wrong about anything–like the Ten Commandments or any other “wake up, there is more” shouting. Atheists are deluded in their know-it-all rejections of the intense profound ancient secrets they do not want to know or even hear about, because they feel unequal when someone seems to know more than they and dares to offer conscious-of-consciousness at a transcendent different level. “How dare the Church tell me what to do” but the Church is telling you how best NOT to do evil (which is the creation of NON-BEING). Better (no EASIER) to believe you have proved a negative: “There is no God.” The psychological basis for atheism is not Darwinism but the loss of significance of sexual reproduction (The Nazis knew and taught that unnatural sexuality reduced and removed people’s religiosity). If the sex act means nothing…if reproduction means nothing–then humanity is meaningless too and there is no need for love based behaviors and “anything goes” because “there is no God”, just “power.”
    But dealing with atheists has made clear who and what they are, epitomized by their “anti-Christmas” war with BEING. Atheist, secularists, and satanists, the whole gang, are totally self-discredited as they loudly imitate the “evangelists” they reject, amazingly offering dogmas of universal subhuman materialist NON-SPIRITUALITY, as they offer “spirituality” time and time again, ignorantly unaware that they are doing so. Indeed, as self-defined, they cannot honestly even deal with the Catholic Mass Mantra (supra) or any other such spiritual human concepts including truth, oneness, good, and beauty or any thing else they cannot reduce to chemistry or physics. On the internet, “Salon” and “Huffington Post” especially, and all in the atheist gang seem to be an obnoxious, self-righteous, juvenile, in-your-face puerile, “take that” primitive, mean, rude, un-intelligent, insulting, vulgar, angry, smart-alecky, not wanting truth seeking dialogue, unneighborly, un-historical, “evangelical”-wannabes carrying on about all sorts of old antireligious ideas dealt with by the Church so many times in the past that the Church just does not want to bother with the flimsy non-neocortical “scholarship” of third graders having tantrums and dumbed and numbed by “evolution without scientific criticism” or by the erroneous belief that “evolution means Godless” or that any “meaning” to life beyond sex or power is fiction. The smirking willful OFFENDING of others is simple bigoted intolerance and unconscious jealousy–known most commonly as “atheism”. These atheists really are pitiful and flagrant COWARDS, not preaching to where most evil comes from so-called “religion”: Muslims. Maybe atheists know that Muslims will treat them by something other than religious LOVE. Like: “Merry Loveolution” and “Happy Incarnation”–the physics of Christmas of which they do not want to understand….Atheists believe in the Big Bang, but not the pre-Big Bang or the pre-Universe. They talk about “multiverses” when the Chuch has had four multiverses for millenia: this universe, Heaven, Purgatory, and hell. Atheists tend to be scientific cronies and frauds, the numbers overwhelming the National Academy of Science such that it closed its “fraud” division. Amazing. Atheists et al offer nothing; have excluded themselves from “spirit”; must offer the periodic table for every phenomenon; and cannot honestly use any metaphors to explain anything. But they keep using crude unrealistic metaphors to degrade the Church. Atheists need prayers and new metaphors. And atheists are the ones who cannot prove “there is no God.”
    And their presenting themselves as “the church of Lucifer” and other “religious-like” names is pure irrationality and fraud.
    The atheist gang should be referred to, on the WWWeb: “God and Nature-University of Notre Dame”; “Theogeocalculus”; and “Teilhard de Chardin”. And my book: The Soul of the Earth….