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California Town Overrun By Wild Turkeys

Nature is crazy. We have tried how whole time on this earth to control it. But Each time we do, it comes back to bite us. ¬†Animals in particular are difficult to clam. While we usually talk about alligators being man’s greatest enemy, one town is experiencing a different threat from mother nature.

Davis, California is currently under attack from wild turkeys (the animal, not the delicious beverage), and is taking drastic measures to stop the fowl fiends!

Via The AP

The Sacramento Bee reports (http://bit.ly/2eeuM4l ) that the Davis City Council voted this week to approve a wild turkey management plan that includes trapping and relocating many of the birds and possibly killing some of the more aggressive ones.

This shouldn’t shock anyone, turkeys are jerks!

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But the most important question: Who will be the Turkey Manager?

Are we doing enough to fight against turkeys? Share your thoughts.